Breast Cancer A battle that will never be forgotten.

What Is Adversity? Adversity is a challenge you go through in life.

This is my grandmother Vivian Yvonne Narwoski. The strongest person I know. She survived stage four breast cancer in 2009-2010.

My grandmother and cousin David.
She was born on December 11, 1951 in Virginia. She is one of six siblings. Her two brothers are named Cecil (Uncle Buddy) and Jimmy (Uncle Mickey). She has two sisters who are alive named Sheryl and Flo. Her other sister, Connie, died 30 years ago due to a car accident. They all grew up in Maryland with their parents, Grover Merritt and Hazel Merritt. Her mother died from breast cancer. Her father died at age 90. Although they didn't really talk because he was mean.
My grandmother (on the left) and one of her sisters (on the right).

My grandmother is married to Lester Narowski, my grandfather and also known as papa. They met in Maryland and got married at age 18. They now live in Maine together.

My grandmother and grandfather at my aunt Tracy's daughters baptism.

They had three kids together. My uncle is the oldest, his name is Lester Narwoski Jr. and is 45 years old. My mom is the middle child, named Lisa Narowski and she is 43 years old. My aunt Tracy Narowski is the youngest, she's 40 years old.

My grandmother will be 7 years free of cancer in June.

She is known for being there for others and supporting them. She would always help my mom out with my sister and I since my mom is a single mother.

My grandmother and I in the field at her and my grandfathers house.

She overcame this adversity by fighting the cancer and by being strong for her family. Her family supported her by visiting the hospital daily and staying positive.

Cancer center in Maine my grandmother went to.
At age 59 , she found the lump in her breast herself. On December 24, 2009 we all got told that she had stage four breast cancer. She had lumpectomy, this is surgery to remove cancer and other abnormal tissue in the breast. She then went through 4 chemo treatments and 6 weeks of radiation.

STRONG - My grandma stayed strong and fought the cancer for her family.

POSITIVE - She stayed positive throughout the whole situation. Not letting it get to her or bring her down.

After all of this I felt very thankful that my grandmother survived. I was young when everything happened and didn't really know what was going on. I now realize how hard it was for her and how serious it was.


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