Time to Talk About It Molly Warthan

In many situations a psychologist or psychiatrist can leave a huge impact on ones life. These professionals generally have more experience and schooling then a school counselor. This schooling allows for psychiatrists to have the ability to give medication to patients who they see fit. Their schooling and experience gives them a leg up from a school counselor; allowing them to specialize in certain situations or specific issues that a school counselor might not have proper training to handle.
In many households parents feel like they do not know how to talk to their maturing teenagers and being plugged in with the schools counselor, who have been meeting with the child, gives them insight.
The parents can learn better communication methods rather than resorting to arguing. The skills that they learn from counseling, whether it be with a school counselor or an outside source, are vital to growth within the family and can aide in building a healthy relationship between the teen and parent.
During the process of learning new information the parent and child have to make adjustments to put this new knowledge to use. These adjustments may be hard but they are important in the long run.
Being part of a group makes children, especially teenagers in a new setting, feel like they are a part of something. It helps the students to feel included, like they are not the only person going through the situations that they are experiencing. They can build social skills and make lasting relationships with people who they understand and are comfortable talking to. This also allows the counselor to gauge the reactions of students when they encounter others and watch how they feed off of each other.
In a school setting encounters like this, where the student and counselor are one-on-one, can be few for students, which leads them to feel overlooked and overwhelmed. The counselor is a resource who is many times disregarded by students because they don’t want to be the only one to see them. Making counseling mandatory whether it be in a group or alone can greatly improve a teenager’s high school and social experiences.


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