Tomb Treasures By: 恩典 Grace

Our class went on a field trip to the Asian art museum to look at the tomb treasures exhibit. In the tomb treasures exhibit we saw many different artifacts from the Han dynasty.

one of the artifacts that I chose was this tomb in which they put the king. it is made of Jade. From this artifact I drew the conclusion that this anciant civilization valued the wealthy and/or powerfull.

At the tomb treasures exhibit in the Asian art museum I also saw these statues of ladies dancing. They were most likely considered to entertain the king when he was dead without using actual humans.

We were told to think about how the creation of agriculture might have helped in the making of these artifacts.

After many failed attempts at figuring out what on earth agriculture had to do with my objects I finally came to the conclusion that agriculture left more time to build these artifacts.


thank you

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