A Forest Ecosystem By: Bridget A. Bleakley

Imagine, a lush green forest in the middle of Spring. You hear birds chirping, and you see the trees' branches sway back and forth in the breeze. The light, soundless rain hits your shoulders cooling you in the humid air. You can tell that the rabbits and birds are getting a lot to eat in this wonderful place because all of their stomachs are full with the green grass and bushes that grow here in the forest. Suddenly you spot a red fox. Under it you see a plump pigeon. The fox is hunting. You see many other pigeons which tells you they are over populating. The fox helps keep this in balance. You slowly walk away from the young fox and move ahead, aware of everything in this lush green forest food chain. You know that everything depends on another either if it is by keeping population down, or helping a species avoid hunger and extinction, or even breaking a dead plant or animal down into the soil as fertilizer and food.

This is a Red Fox. It's red-orange pelt makes it almost invisible inside the bushes in which it hides.

Now, you turn to darker, saddened thoughts. You think to yourself: What if there was a drought here? These animals aren't ready, they would die. What if somebody cuts down the forest. People learn from here! Trees create oxygen, how well will we be breathing by then? It is sad that in some places, this is true. You try to empty your mind of these sad (but true) thoughts. You go around a large boulder and see a dead tree. There are small red mushrooms on it. You sit down to take a sip of water. You weren't even close to being ready for what was about to happen...

This flower has been shriveled by the sun during a drought

Suddenly, you here the loud, earsplitting sound of birds and squirrels hurrying out of a falling tree. Luckily, you come just in time for a baby squirrel to fall out of the tree. You catch the small, helpless creature in your hands. It is warm ). You saved it! You see a large yellow bulldozer pulling back from the tree. You run to the man inside the vehicle, softly clutching the baby squirrel. You tell him how important the forest is and how he just ruined the lives of many animals showing him the baby squirrel. You tell him that you caught it just in time after it fell out of the tree he just cut down. The man in the bulldozer apologized. You wonder why he was cutting in this deep. You ask him. He says a small town nearby is losing supplies and needs more lumber, he came here to get it. You tell him to cut nearer to the village not here in the middle of the forest. Now you walk away, angry because people ruin the forest with one swipe of a vehicle. You look down at the baby squirrel once more. You take it to an animal rescue center to be cared for and protected until it is ready for the wild. Then you end your day on part happy part sour note.

This little thing is a baby squirrel. Its eyes are not yet opened and it has barely any fur on it's soon-to-be-fluffy tail.

I found all of the facts in this story from my Theme Reader from page 328 to page 335.

Created By
Bridget Bleakley


Created with images by catburston - "Forest" • omaratzi964 - "animal fuchs fur" • Brockenhexe - "thistle dry seeds was" • audreyjm529 - "Baby Squirrel"

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