Number the Stars Book Diary BY:Cole


I think that war is loud and looks bloody and brutal.You can taste the taste of gunpowder and the feel of dying people. War is most likely smells like gunpowder, blood, and dirty people!

In war people in the war zone probably feel scared and nervous of everything. I would feel hysterical and exasperated. They probably feel nervous about who is going to die and live!


I think that neighbors are loud and annoying beings. My neighbors leave their loud dog on the deck all day and night and play basketball with friends all night. But some neighbors are nice and not annoying in the slightest. But neighbors to me are people who I can go to in a conflict.

I would probably be scared and dramatized. I would try to save my family and friends and try to stay safe.

Number the Stars

I think this book will be about Jewish people during World War II and Hitler killing people! I think this will also be about escapists trying to find rebels and get them!

Literary Analysis

Mama says, "be one of many." I think she means...To blend into the the crowd and not to be singled out. I also think she says this because she wants her daughters to be safe and not to get in trouble. Mama probably says this because there are soldiers everywhere in their town and she doesn't want her daughters to be shot. She probably also says this because she wants her daughter to be normal and one of all the people in their town.

""Well; Annemarie said slowly, "now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguards for the Jews, as well." (page 25).

If Denmark were bodyguards for the Jews they would probably... Make like a secret organization trying to fight back against Nazis. They would recruit a bunch of people and slowly take out the guards by gaining intelligence and stealth attacks and would probably start a war. They already are starting to rebel by reading illegal newspapers.

Brooklyn said, Annemarie would probably be frightened.

'This will hurt." She grabbed the little gold chain with all her strength broke it. As the door opened and light flooded into the bedroom, she crumpled it not her hand and closed her fingers tightly."

She felt tentative and unsure of her choices. She felt that in real life you don't have to be heroic that it's just in books or movies. She wanted to but she lacked the courage.

Although now she feels protective, willing, and defiant. In chapter three she was not willing to lift a finger to save people. Now she realizes that real life is just like books or movies and she actually has a choice to to help her friend or lose her best friend.

It shows that Ellen is imprinted on Annemarie and she is willing to protect and save Ellen at all costs. Annemarie is not only willing but she already has saved Ellen and has made a choice to rebel and to protect the Jews.


We just read. chapter 8 and 9. Therefore I think they will escape in a boat because in the chapters we read they kept talking about a boat. I also think this because they are faking a funeral and they have a bunch of people hidden!


Man Vs. Man

In "Number The Stars" Annemarie has an argument with a soldier. The soldier and Annemarie don't go hand to gun, instead they go back and forth about a "basket of bread and cheese" with a parcel hidden inside. The soldier found it and questioned Annemarie who hid the packet, and why it was hidden. Annemarie not knowing responded "I don't know what it is" because no one told her what was in it.

Annemarie realized that knowing less is better than knowing everything. This is an example of man versus man because it is about two people going back and forth. So it was man vs man due to their arguing.

Man Vs. Nature

In "Number The Stars" Annemarie has to run through the woods to deliver an important parcel to Uncle Henrik. In the woods there are big perilous roots and thorn bushes in and bordering the track. Did I mention that she has to run through this forest at the start of dawn!? Due to this Annemarie was going slower than she wanted to be going, for she had to keep looking out for roots and other people.

She learned that running may not be the best idea because it is suspicious and dangerous. I know this is man versus nature because it's Annemarie (man) running through the forest (nature) at night (nature.)

Man Vs Society

In the beginning of "Number The Stars" Annemarie's mom argues with one of the hundred soldiers in their neighborhood because she is hiding a Jewish person (Ellen) from the Nazis' (soldiers). The soldiers start questioning her about why she has two blond children and one dark brown haired one. Luckily Lise who is dead had dark hair as a baby, and she showed him that. Because of this Annemarie's mother learned that she has to be careful about Ellen.

This is man versus society because it is Annemarie's mother (man) versus a few soldiers (society). At least it's society for Annemarie's family due to all the soldiers in Denmark. So for them it's like casual, everyday life.

Man Vs. Self

Early in the book "Number The Stars" Annemarie has to make a decision whether to save her best friend and maybe be discovered, or give away her best friend to the soldiers. She has to make this decision because three soldiers enter their home and are looking for Jewish people (Ellen) , and Annemarie has to make a very hard decision. Annemarie learned that being kind toward others is better than trying to save yourself.

It is man versus self because Annemarie (man) has to make a decision (self) that decides the fate of the book.


Be More Loyal To Your Friends Than Yourself!

I think that this means to put your friend first. If one of my friends were in danger I would go to help them, and hopefully they'd do the same to me. This also means to put other people before yourself and not to be selfish. Finally it means to be yourself instead of someone else in front of your friends.

In the beginning of "Number The Stars" three soldiers barge into Annemarie's house because they are looking for Jewish people (Ellen) since they are Nazis. Ellen forgets to take of her necklace which symbols Jewish people, so Annemarie yanks off the necklace right before they careen into her room.

There is also another example of of my theme in "Number The Stars". Ellen's dad drops an important packet, and Annemarie runs through a dark perilous woods to find him, and returns the packet securely. Since she did this, Ellen's dad is grateful and manages to escape.

Vocabulary Words

Stocky and Lanky!

"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie."(page 1)

Based on this sentence, these words are comparing the girls. It is describing their physical features, which are opposite because it uses the word "unlike."

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with, Other words: messy, cheesy, lucky

Sabotage (pg.8)

Obstinate (pg.4)

Wailed (pg. 2)

"Wait for me!' wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening."

Contempt (pg.3)

"Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt."

Defiant (pg.4)

Solemn (pg.13)

Ration (pg.43)

Imperious (pg.39)

Tentative (pg.50)

Imprint (pg.49)


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