The Circulatory System By Hannah

Circulatory System

Circulatory System Body Parts

Heart;It sends blood through your body;It is in the upper left hand corner in your chest;You can protect your heart by eating vegetables and not smoking

Arteries;They look red and they carry blood away from the heart so it does not get on the heart and effect it;It is on the third part of your heart on the right;You can protect your arteries by eating good and sea food like fish

Veins;Help take the pumped blood and carry it through your whole body such as your arm and legs;It is in your whole body;You can protect your veins by not touching others blood

Blood;It helps carry waste away and helps oxygen and nutrients;It is all around your body;You can exercise eat healthy reduce sodeom

Spleen;It removes old red blood sells and stores good ones;Under the rib cage and above the stomach in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen;You can protect your spleen by eating warm cooked meals and doing mindful exercises.

Did you know

Your heart is a muscle. In a kid you will have to be born with a heart murmur but in adults it can be caused by anything.

Only watch the first 1:00 minute of it or when he starts talking.

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