Tour of the Harn By: Emily Adams

Medium and Technique: Nancy Graves's II-06-94 made with bronze with patina and glass.
Seeing this piece in a photo isn't enough to do it justice. Especially with solid mediums such as these, you are not able to see every angle of the piece without being there in person. Also the textures of the mediums such as bronze and glass are not able to viewed unless in person. The combination of mediums and their differences all come together to create one beautiful piece. What really struck me in viewing this piece is the origins of the different pieces and their backgrounds. The crab shell is unique and real as well as other bone pieces which could symbolize the end of a good life. In contrast with the music notes and stars which connote a happier tone. It makes me feel creative as it shows that different aspects of my life all have different meaning but can come together to represent my thoughts and personality.
Art and Core Values: Jesus Guerre Galvan's Dos Ninos (Two Children), oil on canvas
When searching for art that appeals to my core values this piece really jumped out at me. One of my core values is family, specifically my relationship with my younger sister who is only a year younger than me. My sister and I are extremely close and it is a relationship that I value probably more than any other. Galvan's depiction of the two young girls engaging in an activity together immediately reminds me of my interactions with my sister in my childhood. Growing up together has shaped my life tremendously and plays a huge part of what I would consider my "good life."
Design of the Museum: David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing
This wing of the museum was by far the most appealing to me. I am a huge fan of natural light and the structure of the one wall being entirely of windows really brings it all of that natural light into the exhibit creating a natural ambiance for the asian art pieces.
The long wooden beaming in the ceiling is also appealing. I think it is nice to look up and everywhere in an area and still see something appealing. I think this combined with the windows helps to open up and elongate the space.
The other great part of this exhibit and design is how it brings nature in. The opening to the beautiful garden is an art in itself and makes you really feel one with nature.
This design made me feel very peaceful and relaxed. I felt one with nature and very calm which is important in the seeking of the good life. The ambiance that all of these features creates make enjoying the exhibit ever more emotional and is truly an in person experience.
Art and the Good Life: Melanie Smith's Tiangis Aerial Reflex, chromogenic print
I believe this photograph embodies the theme of sharing the good life. As people, others and society clearly have an impact on our effort to find the good life. This image depicts small details as well as the grand picture of what is Mexico City. The small simple buildings surrounded by vendors is zoomed out far that is shows the separation from materialistic things. The point of view of perspective is especially important to this theme. The way society and economic status can have effect on the good life is shown here in this photo. However this perspective only shows things from a far and doesn't quite give each person's individual state of minds living in this situation. However you can see the main idea that these people live in close quarters all struggling to make sense of what their good life together could be.


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