Carlmont falls short in CCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

The Scots' hopes of winning a PAL Championship evaporated on Saturday night (Dec. 1). Varsity football suffered a lopsided 38-0 loss to the Burlingame Panthers in their first chance for the coveted championship title in 27 years.

The Panthers dominated the Scots in almost every category and dictated the game from start to finish.

"Tonight was rough, and [the Panthers] are a very good football team. They should be playing in the top division, and they will be next year. People have to understand that's a different level of football. So for as much as we have accomplished in a short time, making that jump is pretty big," said Carlmont Head Coach Jake Messina.

Messina's words held a lot of truth, for the Scots have just recently exploded into a successful football team. While the loss leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of Carlmont's players and fans, the team has still reached heights that have not been achieved in a long time. In just three years of coaching the Scots, Messina and his staff have led the Scots to a 21-12 overall record and have made an appearance in a PAL championship.

Five years ago, the Scots would have been overjoyed to get just one win. Flashforward to the present and this loss is a huge disappointment.

"Being able to make history for this school and come so far—especially with Coach Messina only being here for three years and turning this program around—it's something special. We could have hoped for better by getting a win tonight, but things happen for a reason you know," said Julian Morin, a senior and running back.

The Scots could not get anything going on offense throughout the entire game, barely eclipsing 100 total yards on offense.

Despite starting with the ball, the Scots hurt themselves by annulling Morin's 12 yards run with a personal foul call, forcing Carlmont to punt the ball.

The situation did not get any better after that, as Burlingame proceded to march down the field and score on a 29-yard touchdown pass from Burlingame's quarterback Jordan Malashus to Devon Malashus. After a successful PAT, the Panthers were up 7-0 early in the first quarter.

"Part of our difficulty tonight was that we had some depth issues going into the game. We have to do a better job of getting more of our athletes to buy into what we are doing," said Messina.

Carlmont's offense was forced to punt again, giving the Panthers the ball at the 50-yard line. The Panthers advanced all the way to the Scots 15-yard line before scoring on a rush by Lucas Meredith to extend their lead to 14-0.

The Panthers would then go on to score two more touchdowns from Malashus' 33-yard touchdown pass to Taylor Kaufman, and a trick play that saw wide receiver Chase Funkhouser throw a 35-yard pass to Devon Malashus for that next touchdown. By halftime, the Scots were down 28-0.

"I believe we could have done better, but we gave it all we got. At the end of the day, that's what matters. It not about playing for yourself or your pride, it's about giving 100 percent effort for your teammates no matter the circumstance," Sophomore Outside-Linebacker Atelea Tengei said.

After the half, Carlmont's defense held up the Burlingame offense well, giving up only 10 points in the entire second half. The Scots' offense, however, did not fare any better than they did in the first half. When it was all said and done, the scoreboard read 38-0. Burlingame had won.

With the loss, the Scots finish the season with a 10-3 record and they place as runner-up in the Division IV league.

This game may have hurt Carlmont football fans and players alike, but there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic for next year. A lot of returning juniors and more sophomores will be joining the varsity team.

"Hopefully we will come back next year, correct our wrongs, and get a ring," said Siupeli Netane, a sophomore and quarterback.

The Scots and Coach Messina made history for Carlmont football in just three years. Imagine what they can do in the next three.

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Article by Zain Patel

Photography by Samantha Dahlberg

Video by Briana McDonald

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