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Students worked very hard. 👩🏻‍🏫👨🏻‍💻

They started their preparation for the first short - term exchange of the groups of pupils.
They were highly motivated
Adobe in classroom was the challenge for them
They prepared for their role as the teachers
and raised their skills in Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Page and Adobe Spark Video

They also worked on their presentations about the climate, effect on climate on agriculture and about the school garden

and started to explore and got some information and knowledge about plants which are typical for Slovakia.



January has been an exciting month in Spain because they prepared for the 1st short - term exchange of the groups of pupils.

Next month Spanish school will host project partners so one of the tasks has been writing letters introducing themselves and their families.

Writing letters to foreign classmates

Students have also recorded a video showing the most important parts of our school: labs, classrooms, playground...

Students prepared amazing video and enjoyed the fun!

Regarding project’s activities students have finished presentations about climate and how it affects our vegetables.

But they have discovered new terms such as: sovereignty and sustainability. As the other months collaborative work has been essential for them. That’s why they have been also helping in the school garden of their school, which is led by 5th of Primary.

Finally they have a new area to their Erasmus + project at school! This is very important for them because through this the rest of their schoolmates know everything they are doing!



Students sow seeds of carots, rucola and small radish in small indoor-greenhouses and record the growing process.

They worked really hard!

Students studied planting calenders and charts that show which plants have an amplifying effect on each other. They decided which plants they will sow into the raised beds.

First experiments with the sense box in the garden of Geschwister-Scholl-Gesamtschule.

The Sensebox datas in comparison are available on the German project website.

Students presented the project on the school’s open day on January 26th 2019. They present the Twinspace, their greenhouses and the sensebox.



Students prepared for the 1st short - term exchange of the groups of pupils

They studied national crops and plants; their growing cycle and growing conditions.

the plan for raised beds and openair classroom
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