The Klong Sai Pattana community in the Krabi province, Thailand, is engaged in a struggle with a palm oil producer, Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co Ltd.

Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co. Ltd. was sued for illegally occupying and exploiting the community´s land.

The company responded to the opposition of the community with further forced evictions, intimidation, violence, and killings.

In November 2014, Thailand´s Supreme Court ordered Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co. Ltd. to leave the land it was illegally occupying.
No action was taken to enforce the judgement.

An official from the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO), opposing to the Supreme Court´s ruling, falsely contended that the execution of the judgement would harm the community, which was 'dependent' on the palm oil company.

On March 2015, the Sub-Committee on Land Rights and Forestry of the National Human Rights Commission confirmed that the community members are human rights defenders, and called the ALRO and other relevant authorities to return the land to the community: its rightful owner.
ALRO and other local authorities maintained their position that the community was not the rightful owner, and that the land belongs to Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co. Ltd.
The community was supported by Protection International, which urged ALRO to end its campaign against the community. A photo exhibition of the murdered EHRDs in Thailand was launched internationally to raise awareness about the situation.

On 15 July 2016, the Krabi Provincial Court ruled against ALRO, stating that members of the community are not dependents of the palm oil company and reiterated the need to enforce the Supreme Court's 2014 ruling.

Contrary to the Court´s decision, ALRO continues to insist that Jiew Kang Jue Pattana Co. Ltd. are entitled to the land which the Khlong Sai Pattana community must vacate.

Today, the community continues to refuse to succumb to intimidation and be forced off the land despite continuous opposition to their presence through ongoing violence from what they believe to be people hired by the palm oil company.


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