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The line of AI Drones, most notably the Alien-II and Freedom-II, are consumer drones designed and distributed by Action Imports of Arlington, TX.

The Freedom-II in flight.

For an affordable price, everything you will need to get started is included in the box. The set up process is fairly straightforward with minimal drawbacks. Essentially just insert and charge the RC battery, screw the props onto the motor housing, and click the on-board camera into position.

Unboxing the Alien-II.

All of that is great, but how does it actually fly? Start by getting into an open field. This is important. What keeps the AI Drone line cheaper than higher-dollar drones is the lack of an included GPS. A GPS is not necissary for drones of this class to maintain position, as the pilot is likely to want to have full control all of the time as is. That stated, these drones are perfect for aerial acrobatics and quick movements. They are more of "sport" drones, with the ability to take video and photos.

The Freedom-II taking off.

Speaking of video— both the Alien-II and Freedom-II include a 4GB and 2GB microSD card, respectively. On the Alien-II, the card is housed within the camera. On the Freedom-II, the card is housed in a port on the remote controller. There is also a USB to microSD adapter included for free in every box. The drones are capable of shooting at 720p high definition, and with software working behind the scenes video and photos will look better than other drones of the class.

Adding to this, the drones are extremely lightweight. This makes them perfect to take with you on a ski-trip, a BBQ, a family evening out, you name it.

Actual photo shot on the Alien-II.

The included lithium-ion batteries charge extremely fast. Just 45 minutes, in fact. And flight time? In my experience I was able to fly for anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. If you are doing plenty of aerobatics and maneuvers, expect a shorter battery lifetime.

About ready to get started? Check out the unboxing and review video below, and visit our website for more information— this includes user manuals for each drone.

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