"Sacagawea: Crossing the continent with Lewis and Clark" by Emma Carlson Berne November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"Most likely, when she was a very little girl, she would have been allowed to play games and run about the village with other children, clad in nothing at all during the summer, and warmly dressed in rabbit skins during the winter." (p. 8)

Based upon context clues, "clad" means to be clothed.

"Every year in the summer, when the buffalo were fattest, the Lemhi saddled their horses, loaded tents onto horse-drawn travois, and traveled down the mountain, in what is now Montana, to Three Forks --- named for the three massive streams that met at one point." (p. 10)

Based on context clues, "travois means a horse-drawn sled.

"There was no taboo in those days against a Native American girl marrying a white man."

Based on those context clues, "taboo" means a social event forbidding the association of a person or place.

"This time he sent a friend as an emissary to plead with the captains." (p. 41)

Based on the context clues given, "emissary" means a person sent on a special mission.

"the interpreter would mix meat, liver, kidney, suet, salt, pepper, and flour." (p. 48)

Based upon the context clues, "suet" means a white fat on the kidneys of sheep used to make mincemeat.

"Charbonneau was at the helm of one of the pirogues that carried important gear and other corps members, including his wife and son."

Based on the clues given, "helm" means anything associated with steering a boat or ship.

"Clark also made Sacagawea a poultice of bark, which he applied to her lower abdomen and groin."

based upon the context clues given, "poultice" means a soft mass of material used to help soreness.

"Sacagawea could recuperate there, and they could use the time to prepare the equipment for the portage around the Great Falls."

Based on the given context clues, "portage" means to carry a boat or it's cargo between waters.

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