Shipwrecks BY gabby

This ship got stuck on a sand bar

Do you ever wonder what happens under the ocean waves. Millions of ships sail through the sea but there is still a lot of shipwrecks like the titanic. How do ships sink and how are they found. What are the different ships that have sank.

There's a lot of reasons shipwrecks happen . The most common reason why shipwrecks happen is that the ship hits another shipwreck the shipwreck that some ships hit were not found yet. They can also get stuck in some coral like the Great Barrier Reef. Some times a ship gets caught in a gale ( a very strong wind) a gale usually happens during a storm. The least common cause of shipwreck is a duels ( were one ship attacks another ship) the reason that a duels are lest common cause of shipwrecks is because duels are when one ship shoots a canyon ball at another ship. In other climates ship can wreck because of a iceberg.lots of times ships sink because of a storm thunder or lightning can cause a ship to wreck because lightning can electrocuted the water and cause the ship to stop working and sink. There is a lot of different ways for ships to sink. Other times there's a hole in the boat because of manchineel issues.

here a few different shipwrecks. One shipwreck that is sank a long time ago is the titanic the titanic is the most famous shipwreck a lot of people died that day. SS Carl D. Bradly in18,1958 sank during a storm on Lake Michigan. The SS Cedarville sank after a collision in the straits of mackinaw in 7, 1965. There are many different shipwrecks that have happened.


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