💥BOOM TOWN💥 BY: Bryce and luke

What are they and who went there

A Boom Town is a town growing rapidly, due to prosperity. The people that went there were families, miners, southerners, Imigrants, former slaves, farmers, basically all types of people went there

What was there and were they were they?

There were valuable ore mines like silver or gold

Some of the boomtowns back then were San Francisco, Detroit, Calico and Animas Forks, newer boomtowns include Fargo, Midland, Odessa and The Villages.

What was life like there and what did they have there?

Most men worked arduous jobs in corporate mining. There were frequent explosions

Boomtowns had gold, oil, railroads, farms and lots of people trying to get money and get a new life in the west.

Problems with Boom towns and what happend to them?

In Boom towns there were a lot of economic booms. Economic booms are when there is a a lot of people coming in at once and the sales go up therefore having inflation.

The boom towns became extinct.

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