Tracy My friend . . . .my inspiration

Those who know me know my love for photography. Through the lens you can bring out an individual's personality, their feelings, and yes, sometimes even their fears.

My friend Tracy has been through some very rough times with her health for many many years. I've seen her in pain. It hurts me to see her hurt. Yet, through it all, she continues to smile, be positive, and bring us lots of joy with that infectious laugh we all know and love.

I told Tracy about a month ago that I wanted to do a photo shoot with her. She was kind of reluctant but eventually she agreed.

It didn't take very long to find out that her reluctance wasn't necessarily because she had recently lost her hair to chemotherapy, or that her eyelashes were just starting to grow back. She has simply never felt comfortable in front of the camera.

In the end, I was incredibly happy with what we accomplished. I hope she's enjoys the images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Tracy asked me why I wanted to do this. The simple answer? Her strength amazes me. I wanted her to see it too.

I was very much aware of how self-conscious she was sitting in front of me, in front of this light. . . . in front of this lens. But, I was determined to bring the Tracy I knew to these images and as you look through these you'll see exactly what I mean.

This photo to me shows the Tracy I know. No matter what and no matter how she feels, she has always been fashionable. That's what I wanted to show as I only had her bracelet in focus.

"Why did you want to do this?" she asked. "You've been through some very rough years, been through some very painful treatments, and you are here, allowing me to take your pictures, this is awesome, you're a survivor," I responded.

And then it started to happen . . . .

As she started to slowly feel comfortable in front of the camera, I saw the Tracy we all know and love!

Tracy, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beauty.

Thank you Tracy. You inspire me.

Created By
Miriam Garcia


Shining Moments by Miriam Photography

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