Electronics Mr. Womack

About the Program

Do you like working with and want to understand how some of your favorite gadgets work? I know at some time you’ve taken something apart and unsuccessfully never returned it to its’ normal state. Would you like to learn how to build a gadget of your own or fix that item you unknowingly made worse? Want to get a jump start on a rewarding career in the electronics industry?

As a student in the Electronics / Robotics class at Maxwell High School of Technology you will be exposed to an introductory level of electronics education that could open doors to success. You will develop valuable technical and employability skills. Some former students who were exposed to electronics have continued their education or have gone right into their career.

This class will prepare students for a career using electronics skills, or for further education in the modern field of electronics. students will build circuits, motors, and amplifier to become familiar with producing, testing, troubleshooting, and documenting electronics projects.

Courses & Credits

Foundation of Electronics
Advanced AC and DC Circuits
Digital Electronics
Embedded Credit: Science





EMC Security

About the Instructor


Virginia State University, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology


  • Maxwell High School of Technology, Lawrenceville, Ga
  • Movaz Networks, Norcross, Ga
  • Scientific Atlanta, Norcross, Ga
  • Hughes Network Systems, Germantown, Maryland
  • StorageTek, Broomfield, Colorado

About Mr. Womack:

Mr. Womack can share similar education experience with the students where his interest and background in electronics all got started in high school with technical education. He was exposed to electronics through a career and technical center in high school simlar to the one he now teaches. He has worked in the electronics industry at various high tech companies for over 20 years. He has worked for various companies such as Storage Technology, Hughes Electronics and Scientific Atlanta. He held both test engineering and personnel management positions throughout his career in the industry. He was responsible development of test and processes for testing company products. He had the responsibility for mentoring and training in the areas of career and technical skill development as part of his management duties. He believes these experiences he obtained are vital for students to understand that the job is not only performance and knowledge but how important is to have a skill or interest at this time.

Mr. Womack enjoys working with the diverse group of students we have here at Maxwell and as an educator wants to provide the student with a positive learning environment for which they can be successful.


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