The Biography of John B Hood By chase mcneal

John B Hood was born in Owingsville in Kentucky. He was born on June 1, 1831.

modern day downtown Owingsville Kentucky
west point

John B Hood's father was a physician ,so they weren't poor. when he got older he was accepted to west point academy.

general symbol

even though he struggled there and graduated 44th of 52 in his class Hood was the youngest general on either side and was rapidly promoted to that position. while he was at west point he went with many of the other civil war generals.

He had many challenges to overcome of these was west point where he struggled. He even lost a leg and use of an arm but still commanded an army, and fought in many battles during the civil war.

He is very important to this war because he secured many victory's for the confederacy. In some of these battles they weren't so lucky to win.

battle of gettysburg

Of these battles was Gettysburg, where his division played a significant role where he led and assault on the union forces.this battle was also where he lost use of his arm. in the end they lost this battle ,but Hood sacrificed a limb for his army.

he influenced this country by becoming the youngest general in the civil war. he also secured many victory's for the confederacy.

the thing I admire most about this person is that he lost his use of his arm and lost his entire leg ,but he persevered through and still fought in many more battles. He never gave up even after many of his troubles and never gave up Staff. "John B. Hood." A&E Television Networks, 2009. Web. 17 Apr. 2017. <>

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