Jackhammer Alex Franco


The Introduction: My battlebot is the best! I built my bot because I thought it would be a nice project. I also thought it would turn out to be neat. The name of my bot is “Jack Hammer”. I named it this because it had a hammer on the front of it. I didn’t have a partner to make batllebot. I now know that was a mistake. I built this to win. The JackHammer is the best because it’s got spikes on the tires, it’s also got 3D printed weapons,and its got a hammer.

The Best Battle bot: My battlebot is the best because it’s got spikes on the wheels.The spikes on the wheels are for if my opponet pushes me it will pop their tires. It is also going to have a hammer on the front. The hammer is going to slam their front end when I do a wheelie. Another reason my bot is the best is because it is realy fast.

The JackHammer is the best because its got a few 3D printed deadly weapons. One of the 3D deadly weapons is the spikes I put on the wheels. It also has a 3D printed bumper with spikes on it. Another thing It has on it is a big spike on the top so that if somebody tried to go over the top of me it would mess there car up. I also put spikes on the side so if somebody tried to ram me from the side it would pop their tires.My battle bot is the best because It’s got spikes on the wheels. The spikes on

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