Adobe Spark in Language Learning and Teaching Electronic Village at TESOL 2017

Presenters: Miguel Perez, Diego Navarro, and Luis Jordan

Miguel Perez, Diego Navarro, and Luis Jordan

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is the integrated web and mobile solution that enables everyone, especially teachers and their students, to easily create and share impactful visual stories.

How much does Adobe Spark cost?

Adobe Spark is FREE to use, and will remain so.

Unlimited hosting of created content is also FREE.

Let’s keep creating and publishing!

Spark Page

A Spark Page is a highly visual text based story, think of it as the word processor you wish you had when you were in school. As such, it is ideally suited for text-based projects and assignments that involve lots of photographs.

Turn stories into modern professional, attention-grabbing web pages

Bring words and images together in fun ways

Turn essays, assignments, reports into engaging visual stories

Adobe Spark Page in English Language Teaching and Learning

  • Class/School event invitation page with outlining the highlights
  • Digital portfolio with videos, pictures, documents and/or reflections
  • Multimedia timeline to explain a series of events
  • Presentation tool
  • Authentic assessment and feedback
  • Image-based stories
  • Text-based projects (PBL) and assignments
  • Book reviews
  • Personal/Learning Portfolios
  • Digital photo essay
  • Presentation tool

Spark Video

A Spark Video is a narrated movie, and is thus best suited for oral presentations, the type of storytelling that you may have previously used slideshow software for.

  • Turn your story into an captivating animated narrated video
  • Present a report
  • Explain a concept in class
  • Tell your personal story

Adobe Spark Video in English Language Teaching and Learning

  • Short flipped-lessons
  • Talking flashcards
  • Instructions for projects/activities
  • Encouraging videos
  • Reminders
  • Authentic assessment and feedback
  • Digital storytelling
  • Animated presentations with narration
  • A narrated movie

Spark Post

A Spark Post is an image optimized for social media. If you are going to be posting ideas or links (including links to Video and Page stories), then Post will create the compelling attention-grabber that you’ll need.

Adobe Spark Post in English Language Teaching and Learning

  • Simple posters and/or memes announcing class-related events
  • Encouraging messages to students
  • Introducing new vocabulary (idioms / slangs)
  • Set thought-provoking statements or questions ahead of your class
  • Attention-grabbers for ideas
  • Drive traffic to their links (including links to Adobe Spark Video and Page stories)

Hands-on Activity Suggestions (Video)

  1. Make a video to teach vocabulary (5 words).
  2. Make a video to create a story. (Remember to use the microphone to narrate the events in the story.
  3. Create a presentation (At least 3 slides) about your experiences at TESOL 2017.
  4. Create a presentation with highlights from Adobe Spark.

Hands-on Activity Suggestions (Page)

  1. Create a portfolio with pictures or videos you have taken at TESOL 2017.
  2. Create a lesson using images and captions (At least 5 images)
  3. Create a lesson instruction.
  4. Create a class/school event invitation page to promote an activity that will happen in your school

Create a Spark Post to promote your page or your video on social media.

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Luis Jordan


Diego Navarro


Miguel Pérez



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