Architecture Jose Betancur

Architectural Responsibilities

  • an architect is someone who designs new buildings or renovations for existing ones, making them aesthetically beautiful and practical
  • make preliminary sketches and use different programs (such as AutoCAD, DraftSight, ProArchitect, etc) to design their sketches in a 3D model
  • visit constructionsites, meet with clients/consultants to win contracts for your firm
  • estimate costs for projects and solve problems like lowering the overall cost or workarounds for the specific job site and project
  • write letters, specifications, charts, tables, etc and overall just document every aspect about the project

Work Environment

  • teamwork is a big aspect of the job to coordinate with other engineers, architects, project managers, etc as you generally focus on designing one aspect of the building
  • always changing as you run around between different job sites and offices to juggle the different projects you may be part of
  • work in an architectural firm (a company that offers architectural services where licensed architects work for and get their projects from), which can be a small one (maybe your own firm), or a big firm (similar to a law firm)
  • the national salary in Canada for a design architect is between $40 000 and $95 000 a year - $60 000 is the median (big factors are the city, work experience, type of architect, and skill)


  • to become an architect in Canada, you need to get a bachelors degree from a certified university program
  • English, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors Physics, Grade 11 or 12 M Art courses are prerequisites for university
  • be a creative and visual thinker (detail-oriented thinking can really help in this career)
  • great people skills and public speaking skills to present projects and land contracts with potential clients
  • good logical reasoning and ability to think in a logical way (problem solving skills to work around unexpected difficulties)
  • math skills (be able to calculate different things like structural analysis, heat, electrical work, etc)
  • work experience (usually gained from a co op program where a "mentor architect" helps guild you and get your bearings which can usually take 3 years)

As a potential career

I think that architecture is a super interesting potential career because of the diversity in skills that are needed and that I would get to use. I feel that it is different enough that it won't ever feel like a dead end job where I end up in a rut because each day I'd be in a different place, doing a different thing. One day I could be working on design and really focus on creative things, and the next I could be around the city outside looking at what I sketched out of nothing being made into a huge physical art piece. This would be a great job where I get to explore and learn how things work which is something I love. This job has a lot of potential, not only because it holds things I really enjoy, but because it has pretty good job prospects in the future, and it pays well.

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