Conejo Valley Fly Fishers newsletter | AUGUST 2020

Photo submitted by: Charley Beals

Bill O'Kelly | 1959-2020

Bill O'Kelly. at age 61, passed away on the morning of Wednesday, August 12, 2020 with his loving family at his side.

We at the Conejo Valley Fly Fishers remember Bill as a warm, wonderful person and personality wherever he went. It was a joy to have him join us at one of the Christmas parties at Mike Weigand's house and I know many of us will cherish our memories of our one-on-one experiences with Bill.

Our local Acorn featured Bill in one of it's issues. Here is it in text.


Newbury Park resident William O’Kelly, an attorney-at-law by occupation and passionate fly fisher and conservationist by avocation, has been named president of the Southwest Council, Fly Fishers International.

Fly Fishers International is composed of 17 councils or districts throughout the United States and in 12 other nations. The Southwest Council encompasses 23 local fly-fishing clubs in Southern California and Nevada.

O’Kelly originally joined the San Fernando Valley-based Sierra Pacific Flyfishers in 2000, serving as president for four terms, 2011 to 2014.

During his presidency, the club donated more than $40,000 to conservation work, including the seed money to launch the Silver Creek Lahontan cutthroat recovery project in the Eastern Sierra.

In addition to his work for Fly Fishers International and the Sierra Pacific club, O’Kelly is a life member of Trout Unlimited. He has amassed a collection of about 975 fly-fishing books with some 700 signed by the authors.

The attorney was introduced to the sport at the late Neal Taylor’s Learn to Fly Fish class through UCLA extension. Since then, he has fished in seven states and Chilean Patagonia.

O’Kelly and his wife, Kelly, are parents of Conor, 18, an incoming freshman at the University of Houston, and 15-year-old Caitlin, a sophomore at Agoura High School.


We have another gracious inviation from the Sespe Fly Fisher’s club to join them for their Zoom meeting on Wednesday, August 19 at 6:30-8:30pm-ish.

Featuring local favorite, Steve Schalla on “The Origins of the Golden Trout".

An area close to us in Southern California is the Golden Trout Wilderness. This area is unique to the Sierra Nevada in that it was the only area that evolved three subspecies of our State Fish, the Golden Trout. Besides being one of the most beautiful fish in the world, the Golden Trout has adapted to changing conditions for thousands of years. Like the canary within the mines, the Golden Trout has also been an indicator as to how we impact our streams and watersheds through management of our watersheds.

Steve's program will cover a natural and cultural history of the Golden Trout Wilderness. We will look at how the Sierra Nevada mountains formed, impacts from glaciation and volcanos, introduction of fish species, and how those fish populations adapted to their watershed. From the cultural side, we will look at how timber, mining, and water interests have impacted the species. [more info]g

Any questions? Email me, Cece Rubin at: conejovalleyflyfishers@gmail.com


What will you remember about this summer?

"I have been . . . not wearing shoes most weekends and I'm really thinking there's something to that."

It helps, especially these days as I've been spending a lot of time chasing Corbina. Most weekend mornings you can find me with sandy feet, no phone and a fly rod - watching the water for swirls, tails or fins.

I have noticed that as people pass me on the sand there has emerged a few very distinct reactions.

There is the Spin guy with a big heart who just wants to know how it all works. There are the kids, mostly boys with big eyes who grow up to be the spin guy. There is the completely oblivious person talking on their phone while the Plovers pluck crabs from the surf line and the seals goof off.

Then there's the ladies, mostly older and out for a walk. They catch my eye and always tell me how their Dad used to take them fishing when they were little girls - they went to Cachuma or Big Bear, or Jalama or right here in Carpinteria.

Those are the ones I really like to talk to - by seeing me, with my fly rod a memory is triggered and they just need to tell me about the time that their Dad took them fishing, they smile and I can see the gears turning. I am always happy to listen and although their stories are unique they are all the same. Their Dad took them fishing.

  • Angling is therapy and time well spent.
  • It's a good month to get out there and make some memories.
  • Angling is here right now, the rest of the BS can wait.
  • Get out there!
Get out there! - Charley Beals, President CVFF


Check your emails for confirmation of meetings scheduled online or in person.
FLY TYING | 3rd Tuesdays of the Month


Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at Steve Anderson's Home | 6:00 PM

Following C19 guidelines: Attend only if you are well. Bring a mask and/or hand sanatizer. Bring a camping chair for social distancing and your own snacks & beverages. Bring your best BS fishing story and get ready to have a good time!! Oh yea -- and maybe tie a fly or two!

MUST RSVP TO ATTEND: smasma@earthlink.net

To find out more, visit our fly tying meeting page on our website | LINK

OUTINGS . . . Owyhee, San Joaquin, Lake Crowley . . . more to come!

conejo valley fly fisher's | OUTINGS 2020

AT THIS TIME - All outings are "to be determined" or "on the fly" . . . literally!

We will send out emails for any last minute outings. * If anyone wants to organize a last minute outing, please email: conejovalleyflyfishers@gmail.com

[ click here to visit the outings page ]


September 3-8: Owyhee River | more info

September 11-13: San Joaquin River | more info

October 2-4: Lake Crowley | more info

fishing reports, stories and articles . . .


Y E s - y o u - c a n

". . .unless you like having a hook planted in your ear."

I’m sure all of us are figuratively (hopefully) not literally sick of the Wuhan virus and its effect on how, when and where we can recreate and relax.

However fishing does have its advantages when compared to other forms of leisure.

For example, fishing is mostly a solitary endeavor and even if you fish with other people, as most of us do, we rarely are standing on top of one another while pursuing our sport.

Social distancing is pretty much a given when fishing and something that is valued by most serious fishermen, that is unless you like having a hook planted in your ear.

So I say, unless you are seriously immunocompromised there is no reason not to indulge in a little creek or lake therapy.

To my mind there has to be some therapeutic value in treating oneself to the healing power of the outdoors and all of the wonderful things we have been blessed with.

It’s time to put on waders, tie on a fly and wet a line and not take things too seriously. Life is for living.

Tight lines and fighting fish to all! - Scott Olson

purple midge contest update


AUGUST 2020: No submissions. Charley Beals is still in the lead!

JULY 2020: And the leader in the Clubhouse is Charley Beals with this 18” rainbow that he caught and released on the Lower Owens River below Pleasant Valley Dam. The bar has been set so let’s see if the rest of you anglers can best this catch. - Scott Olson

Bill O'Kelly & Bob Kieling | "Kickin' Bass" on Westlake back in May of 2019 (photos: Charley Beals)
Bom-bom-bom-bom-BOM! . . . "My Corbina!" | Charley Beals & Gary Scott
One fish, two fish, three fish . . . well you know the rest! | Charley getting his therapy via pink merkin!
Fun productive fishing evening for Matt Rubin in Bridgeport catching "TAI CHUBS!"
Chiaki Harami giving moral support to Analiza Del Rosario and Lesley Smith at the "Friday Night Tacos & Margarita" dinner with the SoCal Women on the Fly's "Summer Hatch 2020" event at French Camp, near Tom's Place.
Chiaki and SSFF & SCWOTF crusing Crowley for monster trouties!
Chiaki's a president too! Here coaching a member of the Southern Sierra Fly Fisher on how to take a brag photo!
Our "July-August" Vacation - Matt & Cece Rubin
Enticing location to fish! - Scott Olson

Fish Plants Continue in Eastern Sierra Waters August 12, 2020

After a massive loss of fish at three hatchery facilities in the eastern Sierra and Southern California this summer, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has implemented an updated stocking plan to continue putting trout into waters that are popular with anglers.

In addition to the reallocation plans, Hot Creek Hatchery near the town of Mammoth was not affected by the bacterial outbreak and has continued with its scheduled plants in the eastern Sierra.

The current goal is for the three hatcheries to be back to full capacity by the fall or winter of 2021.


SACRAMENTO, California — Three California environmental nonprofits secured a landmark settlement agreement with the California State Water Resources Control Board to uphold the common law Public Trust Doctrine and other legal protections for imperiled fish species in the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay/Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta Estuary.

Enforceable transparency and analysis to replace years of failure to comply with existing water quality and flow standards.

CDFW Euthanizes 3.2 Million Trout to Halt Bacteria Outbreak | July 22, 2020

On July 20, 2020, three California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) hatcheries in Southern California and the eastern Sierra euthanized 3.2 million hatchery trout to stop the outbreak of a bacterial infection. Fish at the hatcheries have been infected with Lactococcus garvieae, which is similar to streptococcus, wildlife officials said.

The disease was previously unknown in California, and CDFW staff have been trying multiple treatments and strategies to try to resolve the outbreak over the last three months. Efforts have been unsuccessful. Consequently and as a last resort, CDFW pathologists have recommended that the fish be euthanized and the facilities disinfected before repopulating the hatcheries with L. garvieae-free fish.

The trout, which are used to stock waterways for recreational fishing, are at Mojave River Hatchery, Black Rock Hatchery and Fish Springs Hatchery.

Where have scheduled fish plants been canceled, due to this outbreak?

The counties affected include: Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Inyo & Mono Counties

Can CDFW make up for the canceled plants with fish from non-infected hatcheries?

Currently, three of CDFW’s largest trout production hatcheries in the state are shut down, and two others are coming back online after significant infrastructure problems and not yet at full production. In addition, a catchable size fish takes around two years to get to size. There is no way for the remaining trout hatcheries to make up that level of fish production. CDFW is evaluating the possibility of re-allocating fish destined to be stocked in northern California waters to a small group of high use, easily accessible Eastern Sierra and Southern California waters, but there are still significant logistical details to be worked out including safety of staff and travel under current COVID-19 restrictions.

QUESTION: Can humans get sick from this bacteria? Should people take extra precaution if eating fish they catch? ANSWER: There is limited evidence L. garvieae bacteria has been passed to humans, but fish-to-human transmission is extremely rare. As always, anglers should follow USDA recommendations on cooking fish to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F.

There is limited evidence L. garvieae bacteria has been passed to humans, but fish-to-human transmission is extremely rare. As always, anglers should follow USDA recommendations on cooking fish to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F.

More information can be found on the CDFW FAQ for Lactococcus garvieae outbreak in Southern California fish hatcheries | READ MORE

READ MORE: Bacterial Outbreak Forces Euthanization of Fish at Three Southern California Hatcheries | READ MORE

Stop wishing. Get out, get fishing!


- Cece Rubin, CVFF newsletter creator

I first saw and met Lino at the SWCFFI fly fisher's faire in Glendale. He gave an exciting presentation on fishing for Carp on the LA rivers. I've never seen a more caffeinated, super pumped person like him in the fly fishing world. Pretty infectious!

Earlier this year, I was invited by Analiza del Rosario to come fish with Lino on the Santa Monica beaches. There I met Lino in person as a "ready to learn something new" fly fisher, and he was the same guy. Excited, pumped but mostly ready to teach anyone about anything about fly fishing on the surf that day. Today our aim was for Corbina.

Even though I had a box of crabby patties (that Chiaki Hirami taught me to tie) he insisted on his own fly, which I'm always ready to take any fly anyone wants to give me for free! Just kidding! I like seeing and looking at other people's flies and willing to take them truly from a student's point of view.

Lino help me re-rig my line. Showed me a surgeon's loop, although it had been a long time since I've done one and now back to using it all the time to add tippet. Great little remedial lesson.

As a teacher, nothing below him and his willing to teach or remind anyone who wants to be his student, even the smallest and basic elements of fly fishing and gear set-up. Always patient!

Finally we're up to the surf and there's some nice structure presenting that day.

Excitedly he'd yell out - "There, there! -- There's one sliding back in". And I'd reply, "Where? where?". In pure NEWBIE fashion, but willing to learn. Either way, he had me up and running and from there it was nice to know he was about 10-25 yards away to help in case I got one on.

Catching a corbina has yet to happen as it was still early in the season then and even now in the midst of the season, but I loved being on the beach and learning any technique and info about how to catch these elusive fish. Since then, I went back twice and even got a parking ticket that didn't bankrupt me, but enough to piss me off. But it still didn't wear away the aura of the fun day we had in the early morning and with the beautiful PCH ride back home, that morning "did not suck".

Lino's a natural teacher and a highly charged speaker!

While fishing in Santa Monica, I asked Lino if he would do a presentation for the Conejo Valley Fly Fisher's club. He agreed.

I asked him "how much?" He said, "nothing" in true Lino fashion. I said, "C'mon, we should give you something". He repeated, "No. I love showing people how to fish for carp & corbina". Seeing him dig in his feet on this, I gave up and we got back to fishing.

I hope to have him at the club once we get back to "in-person" meetings. But in the meantime, I check in on his Instagram daily as if it was fly fishing news of the day, which it is.

Now dealing with a genetic foot problem that just started to show up, I took a break from surf fishing, but at least I can feel like I'm there on the beach by tracking posts on Lino's Instagram with a Corbina in his hand or in the hands of someone he's tutored about every other day.

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel reached out to Lino for help on Carp fishing in the LA rivers.

Here's Lino's Instagram posting and photos (below) on the meeting and fishing with Hollywood's own Jimmy Kimmel:

"Jimmy Kimmel @jimmykimmel reached out and asked if I could help his good buddy, chef Adam Perry Lang get a big carp for his birthday...mission accomplished! BIG TIME CONGRATS @adamperrylang on landing your first LA River Carp on the fly. Great day social distancing on the river with these two fishy dudes. We maintained proper distancing, wore masks all day, and only took them off to land the big ones. Jimmy also hooked up multiple times but unfortunately, the fish gave him the slip each time. Swipe and check out all the action. Stay tuned and check out my storyline for more footage."

Lino's truly becoming an "underground" fly fishing legend and he doesn't even know it.
Isn't that how all the great ones come about?
Lino, Jimmy & Adam
Adam's Carp | Jimmy's "look" after the carp got off the line.
Blast from the past | Kit Korf's rainbow on the fly
Rod, reel, line & fly . . .

MORE CLUB MEMBER PHOTOS | fly fishing, patterns, TYING, travel & scenic photos

My Wonder Wing Little Black Adult Stonefly (size 16) that I learned from SPFF's Michael Peratis on his Wednesday fly tying zoom events. The club has opened up the meetings to visitors. To attend, email Michael at: education2@spff.org
Few more attempts!
Magee Creek on a hot summer's day . . .


- with Anthony Carruesco -

Join the AC Fly Fishing team as we make the pilgrimage back to the Marshes of Southern Louisiana to chase giant Bull Redfish. This is sight fishing at it's finest!

or the past 6 years AC Fly Fishing has made the pilgrimage down to southern Louisiana to chase the giant Bull Red fish that move into the shallow marshes for the winter months. We have had some exceptionally good fishing over the years during this specific timeframe. We have put together a package for this year to bring you down to share this experience with us. All of the fishing you will be doing is sight fishing from an elevated platform on a flats skiff. The visual aspect of watching these Redfish aggressively push baitfish, shrimp and crabs around in shallow water can make your paws shake prior to delivering your cast. It’s some of the most fun you can have with a fly rod in hand. You will be guided by the areas top local guides.


G O T - P H O T O S ?

Please submit photos to: conejovalleyflyfishers@gmail.com

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J A M E S G A R R E T T S O N | Euro Nymphing 201 with Dave and Leslie Smith

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Opening newsletter photo: "Ride to Low Tide, Huntin' for Corbina" - Charley Beals


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