Walpole High students with YouTube channels Lena Astarjian, oLivia Claus and Aaron Meighan share how their channels began

YouTube is home to many famous personalities who have garnered millions of followers from posting videos online—turning their passion into a lifestyle.

For students at WHS, making YouTube videos is more of pass-time as the creators indulge in their personal interests. With channels ranging from fashion and lifestyle to vlogs and montages, WHS’ YouTubers use the platform as any other social media: a form of expression.


Senior Lena Astarjian shows off her personality on her channel titled “Len & Sar,” which she created with her best friend, Sarine. The girls met at dance about ten years ago and have been joined at the hip ever since. Their charisma radiates through the camera as they celebrate their friendship through their common interest in creating a channel.

“Who better to have a YouTube channel with than your best friend!” Astarjian said.

The channel features more relaxed, “vlog” (video blogging) style videos of the duo such as “Drive With Us,” where the girls take viewers with them in the car—singing and dancing as they document their friendship.

Neither of them take themselves too seriously, even posting challenge videos of themselves playing games, as Astarjian’s main goal in creating a YouTube channel with her best friend was to make people feel as though they were a part of the friendship.

"Our channel is really just to make our friends laugh, and, hopefully, we can expand our following and make more people laugh and smile through our videos."


Senior Olivia Claus addresses a different audience with her fashion-based content on her channel called "Olivia Rose."

“I started my channel because I wanted to combine my love for fashion with my passion for filming and editing,” said Claus, who uses her channel to share her opinions on the latest trends and styles and how she incorporates them into her own lifestyle.

Claus proves that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on editing software to create interesting and engaging content as she edits all of her videos with the free application, iMovie.

It can be a scary thing to put yourself out there on the internet, where it is a lot easier to judge someone as all perceptions and comments can be made through a screen and behind a keyboard.

Claus, who has received backlash from peers, shared some advice based on her personal experience. “Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you,” she said.

"Just do what you want to do because people are going to judge you anyways, so why not let it be for something you love."


Meighan gets creative with a lens ball and steel wool

Freshman Aaron Meighan utilizes a unique editing style to build up his own social media brand. His content ranges from action-packed edits of his friends flipping and wakeboarding to paid motocross promotions.

Meighan photographs wakeboarders with his drone in North Conway, NH

The majority of his videos are posted on Instagram, where they have accumulated upwards of 2,000 views each; however, he does upload longer versions to YouTube where he has about 200 subscribers.

“It all started with a camera, a few friends and just enjoying summer,” said Meighan.

Photo with friends taken in Weston, Massachusetts from Meighan's Instagram

Meighan’s videography has allowed him to build new connections and friends he would not have made otherwise

“I started to meet more and more people around Massachusetts…[but] I wouldn’t really call it a business," said Meighan.

"I just do what I enjoy doing."
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