Trojan Tech Fairfield Educational Technology Newsletter - March 2017

Fairfield CSD App Is Now Available!

The NEW Fairfield CSD app is now available! The app is your one-stop shop for all your FCSD Information. It is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The cost is FREE! Search "Fairfield CSD", download it and check it out! #onefairfield

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Digital Learning Day 2017

Digital learning encompasses many different facets, tools, and applications to support and empower teachers and students, including online courses, blended or hybrid learning, or digital content and resources. Additionally, digital learning can be used for professional learning opportunities for teachers and to provide personalized learning experiences for students.

FCSD Results On Digital Learning Day!

The responses were placed into Wordle to show everyone what technology was being used in the district on Digital Learning Day! Remember: The larger words represent more frequency. Thank you to all who replied!

Digital Learning Day Results

FCSD Tech Coaches Attend Blended Learning Coaching Academy

TLC Tech Coaches learning about Marcia Kish's Blended Learning Framework

Marcia Kish’s Blended Learning Framework is appropriate for all grade levels and focuses on three phases of implementation. Each of the three phases can be monitored by a rubric that describes changes in pace, path, place, and data. There are clear milestones to observe as classrooms change from teacher centered lessons to a more student centered environment. Marcia has developed checklists and observation tools to assist coaches and teachers as they transition into a blended and more personalized classroom. For more information visit Blended Learning Coaching Academy with Marcia Kish & The Blended Learning Cookbook.

Flipgrid - Ignite Discussion

Social learning. Equal voice. Every student benefits from each student's perspective. Flipgrid draws the entire class into an open discussion of divergent experience, perspective, evaluation, and debate. In other words, bring the back row to the front. Visit

4 New Video Options in Google Slides That Will Make Your Day!

Video Just Got an Upgrade in Google Slides!

This is a super-sweet G Suite treat! Just a few days ago, Google released some new video options for Google Slides that teachers and students will love. This update is such a big deal that I had to make sure everyone knows about these four, new features in Google Slides. Check out 4 New Video Options in Google Slides That Will Make Your Day!

Spiral: A formative assessment option

Spiral transforms any classroom into a live learning space
4 options to get students engaged!

To learn more about Spiral - Visit

GoFormative - A formative assessment option

GoFormative allows you to upload an assignment, this could be in the form of some text, images, videos or a document. Choose how you want to assess it, typed response, multiple choice or show your work. If you are interested in using GoFormative check out this GoFormative Walk Through Guide & visit

Dotstorming - A real-time group brainstorming and decision making app

What is Dotstorming?

Dotstorming takes the process of dot voting online to allow groups of people to collaborate on a topic.

Step 1 - Create a Dotstorming board

Step 2 - Invite participants

Step 3 - Add your ideas

Step 4 - Vote on the ideas you like

For more information about Dotstorming visit

Choosito! - Search Engine

As educators, we know that you strive to instill curiosity and independent learning in your students. With Choosito you can identify the most appropriate resources for your students while strengthening their research and problem solving skills. Students learn research skills by gathering, evaluating, and comparing content from relevant resources, not by opening and closing sites. Give your students access to curated content and safe web searches. For more information visit

Printing Press from ReadWriteThink

Printing Press is one of the most popular web tools for creating classroom newspapers, informational brochures and flyers to use in your instruction. It has been designed specifically for K-12 students to help them unleash their creative writing and engage in multimodal literacy activities. For more information visit

Fairfield Ed Tech Website

Please refer to the Fairfield Educational Website for past newsletters and other educational technology related materials. If you are needing any technology coaching assistance please fill out the Coaching Request Form.

Google Story Builder is a fun Google tool that will get your students developing their basic writing skills. You don’t need a Google account to participate and younger students can easily navigate through the Google Story Builder steps. Once the students have finished writing their story, they can add music and watch the animated video of their writing experience. Helpful article about Google Story Builder - Get Your Students Developing Their Writing Skills With Google Story Builder

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