Emmett Till By: Gillian Pantzlaff

Emmett Till was just an average 14 year old boy living in Chicago Illinois. He was born on July 25 1941. He had a mother and a father his mother's name was Mamie Till and his father's name is Louis Till. He also has no brothers or sisters.

Emmett and his mom

Emmett Till was going to go visit family in Money, Mississippi before he left his mom was warning him to be careful about their race and how they are not treated fair there. On august 24 Emmett and some of his cousins were standing outside of a store. Emmett and his cousin started talking and then Emmett was talking about how he had a white girlfriend back in Chicago. His cousins didn't believe him and they told him to go inside and ask the white lady working behind the counter to a date.

Emmett Till

Of course Emmett said okay he went in and bought stuff and when he was walking out he whistled at her. The girl behind the counter said that he also was trying to grab her. The girl behind the counters was name Carolyn Bryant. When her husband Roy Bryant came home from a business trip he heard about how his wife was talked to. He was furious the a low life African american had the courage to speak to his wife like that.

This is Carolyn Bryant

Roy got his brother in law J.W. Milam and they went to Emmett's uncle house on August 28 1955. When they saw Emmett they forced him into their car and started driving around they took him out of the car and they started beating him Punch after punch after punch they kicked him and they did everything they did to hurt them. After they put him back into the car and drove to the Tallahatchie River.

J.W and Roy

3 days later Emmett body was found in the river. They beat him so much that just by looking at him they couldn't see who it was because he was so disfigured because the beating he took.

The court date for the death of Emmett Till was on September 23 in the end the 2 guys Roy and J.w Milam were found not guilty.

This is how they found Emmett Till

This relates to the book about how it racism and how they are so mean to the people just because they are different color. Also I hate this because we are all the same and everyone's worth it and It annoys me when I hear people say they are not worth it and they are not good enough. To kill another human just because they are a different color that is just 100% messed up this story still gives me a shock because I just don't know how someone could do this and hurt people I think this it just horrid I can't even picture it I just can't really write or say what I feel because no matter what I say it's still doesn't feel like enough. I want the people that did this to him to know that they are murders and they will never be forgiven for what they did to Emmett. He doesn't even look human and I just makes me sick to think about

The 2 on the left are the killers of the young Emmett Till and the one on the right is the girl working behind the counter.
His mom at the Funeral.
Emmett's parents.
Emmett and his mom
Emmett's mother


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