Cinematic Photography By Ross linardi

Black and white

Doin a rebel.

Black and white photography is a technique used to provide a vintage feel. This is obviously a throwback to old black and white photos. Its also used to create a large contrast between light and dark elements. The shadows become extremely evident and mysterious.

The photo was captured in natural light in front of an old storage unit.

The equipment I used to take this was a Nikon DSLR and Adobe Photoshop to turn it black and white. I also raised the contrast levels slightly to make the shadows appear darker.

I took it in hopes to capture a vintage feel and I believe it captures it. The subject somewhat emulates James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause"

Rebel indeed.

Nature Photography


Nature photography is simply capturing a natural environment. This includes trees, fields, rivers, and wildlife.

This photo was taken in Florida at an alligator farm. It was taken in natural light and is completely unaltered.

This was captured with a Fujifilm digital camera.

The final image is at a tilted angle giving it a spooky dream like effect. The imagery is reminiscent of the Jungle Book.

Shadow Photography


Shadow photography is capturing the shadow of an object or person to create a certain feel within a photograph. As previously stated shadows within photos are largely mysterious. This is especially the case when the subject creating the shadow isn't present in the picture. It makes it them seem elongated and spooky.

The subject stood with their back towards the sun on a very bright and sunny day, creating this long and striking shadow.

This was taken with a Nikon DSLR. Photoshop was also applied to increase the contrast and brightness.

The final image ended up looking quite spooky and kind of like Freddy Krueger, what with the long fingers.


Doin a heckin pose.

While a portrait is typically an image of a person from around the shoulders up, I believed it was important to capture more as the shadow and pose created quite an interesting look. This image is similar to my first one, however it focuses on different aspects. It gives off more of a film noir feel, as the shadow along with the fedora seem quite ominous and detective-like.

The photo was taken with a Nikon DSLR and was altered in post with photoshop. I turned it black and white to give it the noir look. I also increased the contrast and added a slight graininess to the photo to make it seem slightly more gritty.

Thanks for listening to me and looking at my photos and such.

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