The Flipped Classroom A Reflection

What is a "Flipped Classroom"?

Response to 5 Common Criticisms

1. Implementing the Flipped Learning method makes me, as the teacher, much less important....

Response: Flipped Learning environments encourage teacher and students to use a variety of resources to teach concepts and keep students engaged in lessons.

2. Kids do not want to sit at home watching boring video lectures on the web. At least in the classroom, they get some kind of interaction with me and with their peers. This is just a lot of excitement over bad pedagogy.

Response: DON'T USE BORING VIDEOS. Find resoursed that are going to keep students engaged. Give students options! Offer multiple videos that students can choose from, and do not rely on videos alone.

3. Most of my kids do not even have internet access at home. There's no way they can watch all of this video.

Response: Utilize the library, and school resources. They should be available outside of school hours. Check for loaner programs, and see if you can get the technology needed to your students.

4. Where is the accountability? How do I even know if kids are watching the videos?

Response: This is not a new concern, and teachers should always be finding ways to keep their students accountable. Notes, reflections and short at home assignments can be methods of checking for completion.

5. As a teacher, I don't have the time or the expertise to produce all of the videos required to teach like this.

Response: Not all teachers need to make videos. Create a library that teachers can pull from and start making recourses for teachers to share. Once the video is made it does not need to be made again, and will start saving teachers time.

Math Classes

Use videos to teach, then use class time to practice and help where students are struggling.

Science Classes

Watching videos and learning at home leaves more time for inquiry learning in the classroom! LABS, LABS, LABS!

Project Based Learning

Learning at home leaves more time for projects and group work IN THE CLASSROOM! More learning, more support from teachers!

The Flipped Classroom keeps students engaged, learning at home, and helps give students more time to support their students! Win, win for EVERYONE!


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