Diwali Stories by Pukeko NESt

I made a clay pot. I dressed up in the clothes. I ate the food. I liked it. Amelia

I did do the fireworks. Then I did clay cups and then I did a picture. Then we did cut the picture out. It is green and pink and gold. It was a rainbow. the pot is for the candle. The pot is a diva. I had so much fun. I did do Diwali and we dressed up in clothes. We liked the pink clothes. I dressed in diwali clothes. we like the dress ups. Ella

On Friday we celebrated Indian New Year and we made pots out of clay and we made fireworks. we did colouring in Diwali. It was rangoli. we painted the pots. We painted them green and golden and pink and glitter. Diwali was fun .On Friday we did pots and we love diwali. We did it on thursdy and we tried Kheer. We put some clothes on us and I tried a shirt. My shirt was blue. I love Diwali. Everyone tried food but I did not like the Kheer. the fudge was brown. we coloured in the rangoli. Lexi

Last Friday Kushal's mum told us about the pots and the fireworks and the pictures. On thursday I dressed up in Diwali clothes. It was fun. Then I ate fudge and it was yum. Then I ate kheer. It was yummy. I dd a rangoli pattern. It was like a rainbow. Dylan

I made a clay pot. I loved my friends trying on my Indian clothes Kushal

Kushal's mum did some pots and we made fireworks. On Thursday I put on my colourful clothes and I had some food and it was great. Eva

Last Friday Kushal's mum came into our class. She taught us how to make Diwali. We made clay pots and we painted them and we coloured in our rangoli. They are for you to welcome people and we made fireworks. There was gold paint and pink paint and green paint. The pot is called a diva. It is for a candle. I saw Kushal's Mum and Kushal's Dad. We dressed and dressed in Indian clothes. Then we went to Mrs Pascoe with Ella and Cody. we had food. It was kheer and fudge. he clothes were bright. There was light brown and light green and red. Ethan

I made a pot. I made fireworks. I made a rangoli for Mum. I dressed up in Diwali clothes and I tried the Indian food . I liked it. Levi

We made pots and fireworks, lots of pictures and then the teacher put them up on the wall. Kushal's mum told us about the pots and the fireworks and the pictures. I had fun doing it. It was pink and gold. Stella

When it was Friday Kushal's mum came to school. Then Kushal's mum was telling us a story when the story finished Kushal's mum told us to draw on the paper. I tried my best. then the teacher told me to make a diva pot. I painted every colour. Then we made fireworks out of cellophane. When it was Thursday Kushal's mum came to school. we watched T.V. We tried Kheer and fudge. I liked the fudge. It was yummy. I like the fudge. I tried the clothes on me. I liked the clothes. It had the buttons on the t shirt. Archer

On Friday I made a clay cup. I painted it. At Diwali I made a rangoli pattern.Niall

On Friday Kushal's mum told us about Diwali. On Thursday I tried Indian fudge called barfi. Sylvie

I made some clay pots and Mrs D helped us. We celebrated Diwali and Kushal's mum and dad came to school. They brought some clothes for us. We tried some food and I liked it. Orion

The fireworks is fun making and we practice colouring in. Friday was fun. The fudge was yum and I tried on clothes. We wore bright clothes and I coloured a rangoli pattern. Troy

I dressed up. I wore the blue thing. I loved the food. Atleast the fudge!, tat was a wee bit yom. I liked the rice and it had pink stuff. I tried some clothes on. I coloured the diwali pattern. It was called a rangoli pattern. Archie

We did make fireworks. On Friday that was for Diwali and we made rangoli patterns,. We did do pots. we used paint. we did fireworks. I tried clothes on. It was cool. Every person in the class tried on the clothes on Diwali. We were cool. everything made me happy. I smiled all day. The kheer was pink. The kheer was yummy. I ate it all up. Indigo

First we made some diva pots. Then we made some fireworks. we painted it lots of pretty colours, pink, green, gold and lastly blue. I put blue and gold glitter. I used cellophane to make the fireworks. the pot is for a candle. The pot is called a diva. Scarlett

I made a clay pot. I made fireworks. I dressed up in clothes and it was colourful clothes. After that we had rice pudding and it was great. Lotti

Last Friday Kushal and his came to our school on Friday and we made a rangoli pattern. I liked my fireworks. My colours were gold and green and pink. Me and my friends wore bright clothes. On friday I tried some clothes on and I made a rangoli pattern. I made some kheer and barfi. Luke

Kushal's mum helped us with the fireworks. I dressed up in the Indian top. Zak

I made a pot. I painted it lots of colours. I painted blue and gold glitter too. Bridie

Last friday Kushal's mum came to celebrate the Diwali. We made clay pots. Mine was gold. I made some fireworks. We dressed up in some diwali clothes. We tried the Diwali food. We ate some Diwali food,rice pudding I tried the pink pudding. It was fun. We had lots of rice pudding. It was really good. Lucy

On Diwali we made fireworks. Mrs D helped making the fireworks. Then we made a clay pot. We had to wear paint clothes. I used gold paint. It really blends in. I finished the pot. Then I did a rangoli. I coloured the rangoli beautifully. "But that is awesome!" the teacher said. "You will get a photo with Grace". Mine was the greatest!!! I tried on clothes then we went to the Principal and she took a photo. she sent it to our Mums and Dads and we tried Diwali food. It was good. Everybody wanted to have some more Diwali food.Cody

Last Friday Kushal and his mum came to tell us about Diwali. I made a pot. Diwali clothes and I tried Diwali food. I made a rangoli pattern. we used green chalk and we tried fudge. It was yummy and I liked drawing the rangoli pattern. Maximus

Last Friday I made a rangoli pattern. Then I did fireworks. Then I did the clay pots. Kushal's mum helped us. We did the Diwali and we tried some food and we tried some clothes on. People did some rangolis and we did watch a movie and we did colour the rangoli. Kyla

I had fun when we made fireworks and I liked the divas and I like painting divas. I like my diva and I put it up on the shelf. i had to wait for it to dry. I painted colourfully. I tried kheer then I tried the barfi. That was my favourite. Then I dressed up in a costume. Max

I made a clay pot. I painted it. It was fun. It was green and pink and gold. It was fun. Then we made a fireworks. Emmy

I made a pot with lots of colour and no glitter. We had pink pudding and it tasted yuk. We had fudge called Barfi. Freya

I made a Diwali firework with cellophane and tinfoil and straws with the tinfoil. We made rangoli. We made clay pots. My pots were green and blue and silver. we had to let them dry. The next day they were not dry. Then the next day they were dry. We might take them home and light the divas. On Thursday we tried on clothes on us. They fit perfectly. we tried fudge. It was yummy. We made rangoli. It looked beautiful. We tried the rice pudding. I did not like it, the rice mixture. I did like the fudge mixture. Some kids did not like it and some did like it. Charlie

Kushal's mum helped us make rangoli. I painted a pot with paint. Ngaruatoa

I like diwali for making pots. My pot was pink and gold and green. I went to big fireworks for Diwali. They were colourful. It is colour. I like the fireworks. We had on diwali clothes. I liked my clothes and the video. I tried to eat fudge and kheer. I liked the barfi. I liked the kheer. I liked patterns. I liked the flower and drawing flowers. Annabel

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