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Enjoyed the tutorial in Tinkercad (Phototyping & Modeling). Was able to develope an idea for Fraction Dice to use in math. I will need more time to sit and actually make the dice. Unable to figure out the "group" feature, so will have to play around or watch some youtube video.

Too much fun for teacher! The kids will love this!! Just need a set in the media center!

Design Thinking: thinking about my students and not only how they learn, but what advantages/disadvantages they may have and how that effects their learning.

Coming to a classroom near you!

Three basic learners...Brianiacs, in-betweens, strugglers. My brianiacs need more challenges. They follow my instruction and breeze through the task while other students are still hard at work. At times, they may express that they are "bored". They need a follow through task in which they have to create something themselves. Pershaps with the representations in math, they can actually make a 3D representation on Tinkercad that can be used to enhance the lesson using Sphero. The in-betweens get the concept being taught, but do not have that in-depth knowledge. Using these tools and making sure that they actually enhance the conceptual knowledge for them. The strugglers have to really have the help at school because they may not have someone who can help them at home. The 3D printer can be used to customize tools for individual student needs. For instance, if there is a fraction that they do not understand, making sure they have dice with at least one that gives them problems.

Assessments: Tweet It--150 characters What did you just learn? (exit ticket) sphero exercise Math Investigations Chart--assessing students on a given problem to see if they understand

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