Earth sets a temperature record for the third straight year By justin gillIs

Title summary: 2016 was the hottest year for the Earth and with trends like these many issues will come to follow. Temperatures are up by 20 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit around arctic waters continuing the massive increase of sea levels and coastal erosion. This is threatening many species and even how humans will live. These high temperatures are cause famine and drought throughout Africa. And although with the significant evidence provided even more fear is setting in now with new administration and their beliefs on environmental issues like global warming.

NASA has conducted research and found that from 2014 to 2016 earths temperature has warmed on average a little more than half a degree.

With the new Trump administration trying to steer away from finding solutions to this issue, what are some ways that you can try to reduce the affects of global warming at home?

The human race will only be punished for the decisions we make. This is showing in Africa where thousands are dying because of reprocussions from human induced global warming.

Overview: Global warming is real and is happening right now. We must notice the signs and fix our destructive ways before everyone is left with nothing. We are slowly but surely destroying our planet. Our choices affect everyone and everything else that lives on this planet. If our government doesn't want to fix things we must take it upon ourselves to try to reverse this before it is too late.


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