Teddy Roosevelt By: Jack james and josh hammer

- went to Harvard and dropped out of law school, liked to be active, had asthma and his dad thought if he was really active he could get rid of it,
-22nd bday Roosevelt married Alice Hathaway lee, Mom and wife both die on Valentine's Day wife - two days after giving birth to his child, Wrote winning of the west, Presided of the board of New York police committee
- assistant secretary of the navy, part of the rough riders, awarded Medal of Honor, governor of New York, Vice President
- youngest president, won the Nobel peace prize, wanted square deal, square deal consisted of conservation of natural resources control of corporations consumer protection, first president to be elected to a full term of his own after having succeeded to the presidency (from the Vice-Presidency)
- Goes on African safari and kills 11,400 animals for smithsonian and documented it, campaigned for election of 1912 and creates his own part called bull moose party, shot in the chest in an assassination attempt by John Nepomuk Schrank, all four sons enlist during WWI but his youngest son dies
- supported the idea of America fighting in WWI, was critical of Woodrow Wilson, supported immigration, pushed the idea of square deal


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