Maryland founded MAcy Preston

Lord Baltimore discovered Maryland on April 28,1788

He was born in Yorkshire

"Lord Baltimore was the first person to dream of a colony in America where Catholics and Protestants could prosper together."

Maryland had a Self govorned goverment

They had a group of people who made the laws

Maryland was made up of a drop of catholics

Some of the jobs they had at Maryland where: building Churches and homes, Farming, Trading, and Fishing.

Maryland a had many job oppertunities

Everyone had to work

Children go to school or learn important skills that they will use in life they also get to play.

Men have jobs.

Women don't have jobs like men do, they stay at home and do chores/clean

I found my information from:


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A general map of the southern British colonies, in America" • ConspiracyofHappiness - "Stars and Stripes" • HerryLawford - "Harvestgate Farm" • quacktaculous - "Pencil N' Paper" • NSPaul - "Blue sky"

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