The death of Kobe Bryant has shaken me to my core. As a skinny kid in high school, playing basketball, I looked up to Michael Jordan. On some level, Jordan was so far out of reach. In 1996, fresh out of high school, Kobe entered the NBA, and I thought my basketball talent was closer to Kobe, then Jordan ( I was not even close. Both players were out of my reach..LOL). Over time, I watched, followed, and learned from Kobe on and off the court.

The reason his passing hurts me, and I believe so many is because we watched him grow up before our eyes. We all witnessed the ups and downs of his life. I can personally relate to some of his challenges and victories. Thus, I have learned from Kobe on and off the court. Here are three essential concepts that I learn from Kobe Bryant that have impacted my mind, body, and spirit.


Over the years, I watched many interviews with Kobe Bryant. Kobe is known to have a very intense workout routine. His work ethic is apart of his legend as a basketball player and most recently as a businessman. His inner drive, whether on or off the court, came from the love of his craft.

Listening to him discuss working out at 4:30am and then returning later in the evening inspired me as an athlete and as an entrepreneur. When I considered starting my speaking business, I thought about the discipline I utilized in basketball to make my dream come true. I love what I do so much; I am consistently trying to improve. The love I have for speaking helps me learn, grow, and develop as a person. Whether I am waking up at 4:00 am or staying up to 4:00 am, the passion I have for speaking allows me to get lost in time. What Kobe often showed me was when you love and work hard at your craft, you don't have to apologize for who you are.


Earlier in his career, Kobe was viewed as a selfish athlete. As much love and appreciation as we express for him today, between 2004-2007, it was the complete opposite. Through all the fire, Kobe never apologized for his greatness, vision, and approach to his craft. I learned that when you know what you are born to do, you don't have to apologize for your skills, talents, and abilities. Declaring you want to be the best is not arrogant or cocky, but instead, it is a declaration of your destination.

Some people told me early in my speaking career that pursuing this path was unrealistic. They said to me that most companies don't hire speakers if they don't have a nationally recognized name. Kobe helped me to genuinely believe my dream was possible. Despite the advice and commentary of others, I learned to embrace the journey, not the destination.


One of my favorite quotes, from Kobe Bryant, was, " it's about the journey, not about the destination." I am sure others have stated these words, but when I heard Kobe articulate this quote, it deeply resonated with me.

What I am learning is this, yes, I have goals that I want to accomplish. As I am pursuing my goals and continue to expand my dreams, the journey is more significant, then the destination. It is the embracing of the good and the bad that makes the accomplishments genuinely worth the sacrifice. To overcome and persevere when you felt the odds were stacked against you is what makes the destination so sweet. Anything I experience between the start and completion of a goal was apart of the journey, which helped me achieve - what I thought was unachievable.


You have impacted me in ways you will never know. You are an inspiration to me and so many around the world! I love you and appreciate you. You will be deeply missed! Much Love...Big Bro!

Mamba Forever!

Created By
Dr. Ron Lewis