Creativity in the Classroom Teachers teaching for the student

There are many different ways for children to learn.

This child is able to learn through the use of listening and practicing what he is learning about.

This child is able to learn though the use of watching.

This child is able to learn through interacting with what she is learning about.

Because children have different ways of learning, a classroom that only teaches using one teaching style can cause problems for students.

What some students may find to be an easy task, others may find it challenging, creating a need for teachers to help students in different ways.

Teachers can be teach creatively by:

Helping children with simple experiments.

Allowing the children to work in small groups

Class field trips

And allowing the children to work with materials hands on.

When students are able to learn in the way that is best for them, they are able to learn better creating a happier and more engaging classroom environment.


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