Team Foxcatcher

This article is from People Crime:

Foxcatcher Victim's Widow Describes His Last Moments in New Documentary: 'I Gave Him a Kiss on the Forehead and He Died'

In this article it explains what happened on January 26, 1996 between John Du Pont and Dave Schultz. At about 3 P.M. John came to the Schultz's house and shot Dave while John was under the influence of cocaine. John was convicted of third degree murder and ruled mentally ill, he died in prison at age 72 in 2010.

People Crime Article

This article is from Fox News:

'Team Foxcatcher': Dave Schultz' widow says John Du Pont stalked family even from jail

In this article it tells us what Nancy Schultz is doing with the movie called “Foxcatcher”. She said in the article that is a fictionalized version of the the real thing. But while John was still in prison, Nancy said that John was still stalking her kids by using other people and sending her videos of them. She said that she felt relieved when John had passed away.

Fox News Article

This article is from Main Line Suburban Line:

'Team Foxcatcher' focuses on Olympian slain by duPont

In this article it informs us on the documentary about John Du Pont and the murder of Dave Schultz. This documentary was released in 2014 and earned Steve Carrel a nomination for an academy award. This article also tells us about Dave's wife, Nancy, who is now living in California with her husband, Scott.

Suburban Line Article

This article is from Take Two:

In this article it explains what happened before the murder and things that happened that lead up to the murder."He would come into my room with a gun, waiving it around me and my girlfriend," Nancy recalls. "He'd walk into the wrestling room with a gun, waiving it around the Villanova wrestlers and me.". After Mark left John was a lot better, especially to Dave, they were really good friends up until that day.

Take Two Article

This article is from The Daily Pennsylvanian:

This articles explores the 1996 murder of Olympic wrestler, and mentor to the Penn wrestling team, Dave Schultz at Foxcatcher Farm, then an Olympic training facility in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. John Du Pont was the owner of the facility and heir to the Du Pont chemical fortune. He was convicted of third-degree murder in connection to the case in February 1997, and was declared to be mentally ill. Du Pont died in prison in 2010. The story was also adapted into the Oscar-nominated 2014 film "Foxcatcher."

The Daily Pennsylvanian Article

The 5 W's

Who: John Du Pont murdered Dave Schultz

What: John was convicted of third degree murder

Where: Dave Schultz was murdered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvainia

When: The murder occurred on January 26, 1996.

Why: John was mentally ill and could not control himself. What set John off was that John was jealous of Dave's success.

How: John Du Pont pulled into the driveway of their home and opened fire on Dave as he walked out of their home.

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