BlueStar's Prophecy Book report

Bluefur is a young she-cat with a fiery temper. She is very stubborn and has dark blue grey fur and icy blue eyes. She tends to argue with everything and emphasizes her strong disliking for ThistleClaw, her sister's mate. Bluefur has three kits, 1 deceased and 2 alive named MossKit, MistyFoot, and StoneFur

Bluefur's sister SnowFur is a small white she-cat with gray tipped ears who is very energetic as a young cat but soon grows out of it when she has her only kit, Whitekit. She becomes kind and caring but often bickers with her sister. Her mate, ThistleClaw, only wants to lead the clan into battle.

The setting takes place in ThunderClan territories, one of the four feral cat clans. It is covered in forests and undergrowth where apprentices learn to climb trees and hunt squirrels and mice. The camp is located in a well protected bramble clearing where the clan is adressed by the clan leader from a large rock known as High Rock where the leaders also make their den, behind the lichen. The other three clans, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan, have territories to match their skills. WindClan lives on a windy moorland surrounded by grass and rabbits. ShadowClan live in a dark well shaded pine area with marshy grounds, and RiverClan live on an island surrounded by water and fish.

BlueKit(Star) meets her kin, GooseFeather while waiting to meet her father for the first time named StormTail. Goosefeather explains he reads signs from the wind and the clouds that are gifted to him from StarClan, but BlueKit's mother MoonFlower scoffs and insists most of his prophecies are utter nonsense.

When BluePaw is apprenticed she is given StonePelt as a mentor. Goosefeather insists that they must destroy WindClan's herb stock because they will destroy them when given the chance. PineStar, the clan leader, insists if he is right they must go because all clans must have faith in their medicine cat. During the battle MoonFlower is killed by WindClan's unworthy medicine cat HawkHeart and StonePelt moves in with the elders due to a bad wound.

BluePaw's mentor is replaced with Sunfall, the clan deputy, so she can continue her training. After MoonFlower's death she has been snapping at everybody who makes a comment to her on her deceased mother. She runs away from Sunfall during training and lclimbs into a fox den to scare it off of the territories. The fox comes out and chases her toward the camp but she turned back to defend her clan mates until lightning strikes and a burning branch falls and scares the fox off. Goosefeather explains that there is a prophecy about the fire, and water will destroy her.

Startled by the prophecy, Bluefur tends to avoid water. She goes with GooseFeather to look for herbs and finds out that PineStar has been talking about kittypet life with Jake, a ginger kittypet whom hangs out around two leg Place. Upon returning to the clan PineStar announces that he is leaving to be a kittypet with Jake. Sunfall becomes leader taking on the name of SunStar and TawnySpots becomes deputy.

Snowfur births her kit, WhiteKit. ThistleClaw is an oddly proud father but Goosefeather's apprentice insisted that he is too headstrong to be taken as a good role model. SunStar decides that Snowfur is spending too much time in her den and sends Bluefur to take her out of the camp for a walk. Snowfur insists she is fine and growls at Bluefur. Bluefur insists she needs it and that WhiteKit won't starve while she's gone. Snowfur smells the Riverclan deputy, OakHeart, on sunning rocks. Snowfur runs off after Bluefur insists she wasn't talking to him and didn't like him, seeing as it is against the Warrior Code. Snowfur spots a ShadowClan warrior sneaking into the territory and stealing prey. In pursuit of the enemy warriors Snowfur is hit by a monster.

After Snowfur's death TawnySpots dies of sickness. ThistleClaw doesn't allow Bluefur to see her kin anymore and she is very upset. SunStar walks with his former apprentice and insists that it's not her fault and that she should spend more time with WhiteKit. Bluefur raises WhiteKit until he becomes WhiteStorm and he becomes her most trusted warrior. ThistleClaw envied this and his apprentice, TigerPaw, takes after ThistleClaw and lives with claws unsheathed until he becomes TigerClaw.

Bluefur becomes mates with OakHeart, and birthed his kits despite the warrior code. MistyKit, StoneKit, and MossKit all live with Bluefur in ThunderClan until Goosefeather tells her that nothing must get in the way of becoming leader. Bluefur brings her three kits to OakHeart on the RiverClan border, but MossKit died in the snow on the way. Bluefur mourns her deceased kit and Snowfur comes from StarClan to carry the young kit back with her.

After Bluefur returns she yowls to her clan mates and pretends that a fox broke into the nursery and stole the three kits. None of her clan mates questioned the identical kits being raised in RiverClan and reinforced the nursery with brambles. Goosefeather tells Bluefur that she did only what was best for the clan and that her kits had great things coming in RiverClan and it wasn't meant for them to be raised in ThunderClan. He told Bluefur she has saved the clan from the horrible blood and thistle and the prophecy has been fulfilled.

SunStar makes Bluestar deputy and she becomes leader after him. She receives nine lives from her former clanmates and grows old as the clan leader and dies nobly saving her clan from a pack of large dogs and drowns after falling off of the gorge.

Meanings: A kit is a kitten who is waiting to reach their sixth moon and become an apprentice to train to be a warrior or medicine cat. An apprentice has to be atleast sixth moons old and must take on the duty of caring for elders and practice Warrior training or Medicine Cat training. A warrior is an apprentice who has earned their Warrior name throughout their apprentice ship, this can be determined from appearance, actions, or tempormant, for example Bluefur is named after her blue-gray fur and Snowfur is named after the close relationship with her sister and because her pelt is white like fallen snow. A warrior will hunt and fight for their clan until their last breath and is given a warmer spot in their den as they earn respect and seniority. A TwoLeg is what a human is referred to by the clan cats, twolegs can often be considered a nuisance when their kits (kids) trample about the forest. A monster is what the clan cats call a car. SnowFur is hit by a monster while chasing ShadowClan warriors away from the camp. Monsters stick to the Thunderpath, which is what they call roads, but too often than not they hit cats on their way across. A kittypet is what a pet cat is referred to and often mocked by the clan cats for eating food that looks like rabbit droppings. Kittypet are often scared of the clan cats because they think they chew on old bones and sharpen their teeth on shark rocks. StarClan is where all clan cats go when they die, unless they were evil and broke the warrior code in a blood thirsty way, then they go to the dark forest.

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