Natural Gas is Rapidly Decreasing Due to steady decrease in natural gas across the globe, new technology has been created and prices have risen.


Exuberant: filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement.

Underpinning: a solid foundation laid below ground level to support or strengthen a building.

Stockpiles: a large accumulated stock of goods or materials, especially one held in reserve for use at a time of shortage or other emergency.

Convergence: the process or state of converging, or to tend to a common result, conclusion.

Cointegration: an econometric technique for testing the relationship between non-stationary time series variables.

Hydraulic Fracturing: the forcing open of fissures in subterranean rocks by introducing liquid at high pressure, especially to extract oil or gas.

How has new technology been proven helpful?

The new technology that has been created has come up with with ways to gain more supply of gas and to move away from using gas and start using energy which people can never run out of, which could create a big impact on the future. According to an editorial from the Charleston Gazette Daily Mail states, “Hydraulic fracturing natural gas developers can retrieve the natural gas from “tight sands” which will help in a lot of places". (Source 2) By gaining access to tight sands it will create a better opportunity to gain more natural gas from these reservoir rocks. Hydraulic fracturing will create more jobs everywhere it spreads to. This will give more time to discover new ways to move away from everything using up natural gas and start to used more energy based products. Teslas which is the newest technology out there are energy cars have been created and are starting to be the next big thing towards helping with the issue of natural gas decreasing at steady rates each year. Electricity is a promising alternative from natural gas which will cause a great deal of effect it has on cars, before this past year every car uses natural gas and that was a big part of steady unbalancing decrease today there is an additional option to help. (Source 4) With teslas gaining more popularity it will help with some of the numbers for the decreasing amounts each year. From gas stations to hotels to general stores the businesses are having energy chargers so that people with these cars can use them and give them more access to them and lean away from a natural gas based car. This will help with the ongoing inventions of new technology helping the issue of steady decreasing supply of natural gas, there are both pros and cons which may be a deciding factor of whether or not it is proven useful and if many people will start using them.

What connects natural gas prices to the loss of natural gas and why?

With the steady decrease in natural gas or at least access to natural gas, it starts to increase the price because with less gas people need more money to gain more access, therefore; prices and the decrease of natural gas have a very high connection. The prices for natural gas has almost quadrupled, in the past year and has caused many issues for different families/people. (Source 4) Because the prices of natural gas have increased it doesn’t just increase the gas prices at gas stations it increases everything that involves it. Including gas prices at peoples homes. The prices increase because they don’t prepare enough gas for the cold winters, gas prices are being underpriced and that will hurt in the upcoming future.( Source 3) Due to America not saving enough gas for the colder months people then lose too much gas in one little period of time and people will then suffer in the future if we use it all and don’t balance out.

How will pipelines help the U.S. positively and how are we sure there won’t be any malfunctions?

With pipelines built it will create a wide range of possibilities for the U.S. in getting exported natural gas from all across the globe and helping our states here with the ongoing issue of natural gas decreasing. Pipelines may have some issues if there were to be some sort of malfunction but with newer technology and figuring out the problems that happened before there is a smaller chance of that now. There are many places where this may be considered extremely helpful in most all states. “The reason pipelines are needed to ship West Virginia natural gas out of state is because there are not enough manufacturers like Marble King and Homer Laughlin China — who incidentally consume huge amounts of natural gas — within the state” says and editorial from Charleston Gazette Mail.(Source 2) This doesn’t just affect West Virginia it is a global topic, from North Dakota to Detroit to across the Atlantic. The possibility of a pipeline malfunctioning is very small but still with the small chance people doubt it and don’t agree for it to be built. Patti Domm from CNBC talked about, that if more pipelines are created it will make the environment safer, be more cost effective, create a easier and faster way of transporting and will become more environmentally friendly.(Source 3) Though there may have been some malfunctions in the past, there have been many changes and with new technology and creations everyday it is becoming instructable.

Where is natural gas being stored and is it becoming a problem?

Natural gas is being stored all over the world in underground natural gas reservoirs, aquifers, and salt caverns. The underpinning storage is starting to become a small issue because of the decreasing amount of natural gas across the globe. Patti Domm a writer from CNBC states, “Storage shrank about 220 billion cubic feet in the past year”. (Source 3) With storage shrinking at this fast of a rate she's saying, the overall rate in the upcoming years are bound to be decreasing the same amount or maybe even more then said. With storage decreasing at a steady rate there have been many things discussed about what things there should be done and what has caused some of the issue. Jason Bloom and Rich Redash both energy group managers discuss storage and pricing, storage has been a problem for awhile, especially after wildfires in Canada and trouble finding crude oil. (Source 6) The two men discussed prices and storage both becoming an ongoing issue that no one can really balance at this point. The decreasing amount of natural gas and crude oil is what's creating a problem towards the prices.

If America is aware that were losing so much gas why don’t people start thinking of ways to minimize the use and start preserving it?

There are many ways to start helping preserve it, but that depends on if the people know about the issue and want to help the matter. Natural gas production is decreasing at a fast rate, but the only way it can be fixed is through the people. (Source 1) Because of the steady decrease in natural gas many problems have come about it, but there are plenty of ways people all over the world can help to balance it out and help it slow down. Through different ways at home using less gas or less car use and walk or bike places especially for people that live downtown or in some sort of city where they can walk instead of wasting the gas. “A United States family typically spends $2000 a year on utility cost, 45% of the natural gas is used for heating while 18% is used of water heating”. (Source 4) By starting to realizing that the cost is becoming high and unreasonable families can start to use less and keep track of when the family needs the heat the most and when it's not considered useful. In convergence if people start to take this into consideration the world wouldn’t have to worry so much about the price of gas or the storage of natural gas decreasing at such a fast rate per year.

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