Methamphetamines Don't do meth it causes death! :)

  1. It can be snorted, smoked, taken by the mouth, or dissolved in alcohol
  2. It can be in the form of crystal, glass, or speed,
  3. It can be made anywhere. In someone's basement, backyard, woods. Just as long as they have what they need.
  4. Meth is abused because it makes people high while on it and they feel as if they are dependent on meth in order to function.
  5. Meth can make you have physical sores by scratching and picking at your skin and your teeth become rotted.
  1. About 13 million people in the US said they used meth at the age of 12 and over.
  2. Meth is abused by many people in the Czech republic and 20%-60% seek treatment from meth.
  3. People seeking treatment from drugs in the US was 9% meth treatment.
  4. About 529,000 people in the regularly use meth.
  5. 4.5% of high school seniors use meth in the US.
  • paranoia
  • nausea
  • dilation of pupils
  • violent out bursts
  • hallucinations
  • liver, kidney, and lung damage
  • psychiosis
  • weight loss
  • tooth decay
  • depression
  • crank
  • tina
  • ice
  • speed
  • wash

In conclusion, meth is very harmful to a person's body. When people use meth labs in their homes they can fail and blow up causing massive harm or even death. When people use meth they have the thought in their head that they have to have it in order to function. This is the main cause why people become so addicted to it. They rely on it and they let it control their life. People who use meth have scabs from picking at their skin because they think that bugs are crawling on them and the drug causes decaying teeth which is why meth users have meth mouth. Meth is not good for you and if you use meth you should seek treatment immediately or else you are just going to ruin your life.

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Valerie Gillim


Created with images by Don Hankins - "The plight of a lady on meth" • tsbxbby - "meth-bags" • D.C.Atty - "scare tactics"

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