Chemistry Upper Elementary

The upper elementary chemistry curriculum continues from where Chemistry Level 6-9 left off and introduces students to the study of connections in chemistry. Experiment and research cards allow students to experience the concepts of bonds, reactions, and the factors that affect each of these connections. Students explore the meaning of what distinguishes a substance as an element, a molecule, and finally how each has impacted our lives.

Includes proper laboratory equipment nomenclature, wall charts, procedures, and safety.

To help students make the connection with the elements, a strike the imagination section with experiments, and research is included. Helps to set the stage and prepare them for the higher level thinking skills necessary to understand how elements are categorized, what their properties are and how they were behave. Connections to The Periodic Table Curriculum.

When it comes to nomenclature, you will find everything you need. From the atom to the building blocks of living things.

Riddle cards for individual elements are included.

Understanding how and why connections occur in chemistry is the foundation for further studies. How matter changes and what new properties develop allows for an understanding of the bigger picture of how chemistry affects the way we live our lives, and the impact on our environment.

This material is available on cardstock, or printed on durable thick plastic.


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