Global Warming by : Mariana nunes

What is global warming?

  • Earths surface getting hotter everyday because of...
  • The Green House Effect
  • Pollution

Definition: Green House affect

  • Our atmosphere is like a green house, it reflects the sun on the sun, so its like a mirror.
  • Thats a good thing because if we didn't have this greenhouse affect every living creature would be died because it would've been to hot.
  • But because we pollute with gases like co2 that makes that greenhouse affect get weaker. But fortunately we have trees to help us.
  • The trees help us by breathing in co2 .
Who gets affected when pollution happens?
Animals are usually the target of pollution, but did you know your part of the target too.

It also affects us to because we also live in this planet and we also breath this polluted air and swim in the polluted sea and walk among this polluted world.

But other 50 million species of living beings also have a life in this planet and the pollution also affects them, so a they die insolently because they don't have the recourses to help them be healthy.


The types of pollution are:

  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Land pollution
  • Light pollution
  • Noise pollution

Pollution meanings:

  • Water pollution is all the oil spill and all the "5.25 trillion pieces" of garbage dumped into the ocean according to news nationalgeographic, because of our humanity.
  • Air pollution is all the toxic gas in the air that comes from factories and the car which, this toxic gas can be co2, argon (which is not harmful by it self but with concentration it will kill you) and nitrogen that causes vitamin A shortages and "decreasing function of the thyroid gland and decreasing the blood's ability to carry oxygen." , these gases cause illnesses.
  • Land pollution is the rubbish we throw on the floor like plastic bags, plastic bottles or anything thing that is NOT compost the floor.

(Compost is rubbish that we can feed to the plant e.g. : Banana pill, rest of apple, pulp of a fruit)
  • Light pollution is when there is too much light around the city, and that can cause the animals that are nocturnal (that sleep in the day)to think its still day because of the amount of light in the cities that can cause blindness to them.
  • Noise pollution is for when there is to much noise around the area ex: If theres a long road filled with traffic theres going be to much noise pollution be cause of the honks on the car and the motor of the cars. And that can cause to much stress in our minds.
Who gets affected when pollution happens?
See what you can do to help because its not going to help itself.

Things you can do to help

  • put all your rubbish in the bin
  • recycle
  • reduce
  • use less paper
  • don't pollute for fun
  • use legal furniture( some furniture where cut from wood and some of the companies who sell wood are sometimes illegal sellers.



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