Yes zoos! By: Allison C.

People ask, “Should we have zoos?” We have zoos for certain reasons and we need to keep them. I say yes because kids and families enjoy it, the animals are protected, and scientist study them.

Firstly, kids and parents like to go to zoos. They spend family time and make memories there. My point is if you take away zoos than you are taking away good memories that families make. Also, kids and parents learn what the animals eat and what some of their habitats look like.

kids and like to like to zoo's!!!

Secondly, if we didn’t have zoos then the animals would not be protected from their predators. Some animals in the zoo have predators and that could be one one reason why people made zoos. If they’re protected from their predators you're probably asking how do they eat? The zookeepers take care of feeding them and also kids and parents feed them too.

Lastly, scientists study the animals. The scientists study what the animals do and how they react with people in different ways. If we didn’t have zoos than we wouldn’t know to care for animals in the zoo. They can use this research to help and protect animals in the future.

A red panda enjoying the life.

In the end, we want to keep zoos and help them feed the animals.We should have zoos because, kids and parents ,the animals will be protected by their predators, and scientist study. Also all the resources they use to help animals and because 180 million people go to the zoo each year.


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