Busy Mums essential oil life hacks, healthier, calmer home with a focus on self care

What happens in this program?....

To all the overloaded, overwhelmed mums out there, life is way too busy. We can make it simpler and have some more time for ourselves, I promise you!

I can teach you to make your self care easier and smell amazing. I can teach you why you should look at reducing toxins in your families home for health, emotions and more. Did you know that cleaning chemicals are the number one cause of asthma, skin rashes and more serious health conditions?

Here is a short video introducing myself and giving you an overview of the format. If you have any questions please ask bambooyogaoilslife@gmail.com

It is so important that we learn to slow down and look after ourselves so that we can be the best for those around us

I will teach you simple and easy pure essential oil hacks to make life purer, healthier and quite simply cost less and easier.

I will teach you how to be the essential oil expert in your own home, to be empowered and able to manage niggles easily and quickly from earache, toothache, sunburn, teething, muscle pain, verucca’s to stress. I can show you how to calm you, your kids and get you all of to sleep easier!

Essential oils are powerful, they work quickly and do not have side effects. You can learn to be your own essential oil expert.

I will teach you how to easily make steps to stop overloading you and the planet with toxins for our future generations

We are the custodians of the world, what we do now affects the future generations.

The program will take place in a closed facebook group. I will send you a collection of oils, and some treats to use throughout the week as well as a little A-Z book all about oils and how to use them for nearly everything from anger to constipation. There will be daily education and videos (short) telling you about the oils and how to use them all broken down so as not to overwhelm.

We will look at the following, the order will change as I teach intuitively, responding to the needs of the group.

Self Care - this is all about you, its so important that you take time for you so you can be as calm and effective as possible and happier!

...deeply and slowly.....

Niggles - How to manage earaches, tummy aches, bugs, cuts, insect bites and lots more

All about Sleep - how to get more of it, better quality and night time rituals for everyone

Sleep is so important to our emotional and physical health.

Toxins and Skincare, why we need to be aware of this and easy hacks

Emotional Intelligence - how to help us all cope with life and emotions to make the house calmer and full of peace. How to create more confidence for us and our little ones.

Sound good? The week will cost £25, If you would like to take part (I limit each group to 10 so I can really look after you) send me an email to bambooyogaoilslife@gmail.com and I will send you the details to register. Registration will need to take place by the dates below, so that I can get your oil collection to you in time.

The dates for the programs for the rest of the year are... 9th September starts (I need you registered and paid by the 2nd September to get your oils to you). 7th October, registration by the 30th September. 11th November, registration by the 4th of November.

As a holistic therapist, life coach, yoga teacher, EFT practitioner and trained children and adult yoga teacher I have so many skills to help you.

Any questions ...DM me.

Oil collection

The course will be interactive and responsive, so I will address problems and questions as they arise, to make it customised for the group that you are in.

I love sending these little packages out to you all xxx


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