Hitlers Rise to Power By: Talon Safreed

After the end of WWI, the German fatherland was left broken and battered. Years had gone by with no real structure or purpose. Germany's unemployment skyrocketed and crime was at an all-time high. After all, it has been Europe’s purpose to drag Germany through the dirt and keep them there for years now. All of it was due to the Treaty of Versailles. I never thought that the treaty was fair. None of the losing countries were even present to sign the Treaty and i knew that would cause problems.

As i figured, the German people are still bitter. Our president, Woodrow Wilson, determined the United States did not want to be involved with the European affairs, but i wish he had pushed against the Treaty a bit more. The Europeans through they had broken Germany, but they put there hopes in a new leader. Adolf Hitler had worked his way up the “National Socialist German Workers' Party." He worked his way all the way up the political ladder and then stood up for election of Chancellor. ”The Lodi News-Sentinel states that “Adolf Hitler had made great promises and was given confidence at the polls by nearly a three-fourths majority of votes.”

In only a short amount of time we know that Hitler has managed to revitalize the German people. He has brought most of the country out of unemployment. The factories are up and running once again and all German industry has been placed under one union. Payments were regulated and the people seem to love him. However, his views and militaristic tendencies concern me and the rest of the United States. He is not the peaceful ruler we had hoped Germany would inherit. He is a cruel and brutal man. I fear with this monster, peace will not last.

From what I have heard, the German people are not allowed to think by themselves. I have read that, “During periods preceding legislation or executive measures against Jews, propaganda campaigns created an atmosphere tolerant of violence against Jews.” Violence is encouraged toward minorities in every media that exists. Hitler has blamed all of the troubles of Germany on the Jewish people. All they did was become successful, and in the wake of Germany's misfortune he is using them as a scapegoat. Every form of art, radio, and even education systems are focused on his Anti-Semitic views.

Hitler’s violence towards other groups and his ideals are very unsettling. There is nothing I want more than for peace, but that is not the plan for Germany. Hitler has went against the Treaty of Versailles, although it was impossible to think that he wouldn’t. Germany is preparing for war, I just pray that there is some way to avoid it.

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