All About Stephanie A strategic brief on all things Adobe Spark and me

Introduction: Adobe Spark is a web-tool that allows you to create amazing online content like memes, inspirational quotes, announcements, invitations, and so much more. Your landing page for Adobe Spark shows three different creation platforms- post, page, and video. Spark post allows you to create thing that are mainly text based but you can add pictures. Spark page is formatted the same as a typical blog post, it looks better and is more interactive. Spark video allows you to make short videos that can include text, sound effects, music, voice overs, etc. One of the main benefits of Adobe Spark is that it’s very easy to use. Although I didn’t make a video for this project, I did mess around with some of the settings in Spark video and it did seem a little trickier to use than Adobe post and page.

Overview: For my Adobe Spark project I’m going to be focusing on myself. I really want to use this Adobe Spark project as a way to brand myself to potential employers. I graduate in May, so the job hunt is going to officially begin soon. I could create a resume with Spark post as amore interaction way to broadcast myself to potential employers.

Key Audience: Adobe Spark’s target demographic is college students and young professionals. It’s very easy to use and is accessible with a free trial through Adobe. I don’t think a lot of people know what Adobe Spark is at the moment, but they can learn how to use it and integrate into their social media. With Spark, you can create many different kinds of posts that can appeal to numerous audiences which is great for college students looking for a job or young professionals trying to get more engagement to the company they’re working for.

Strategic Mindset: Looking into how to use Adobe Spark to target my key audience is a little tricky. I want to target my post and page toward employers that interest me. I want to get into PR with sports or music, so honing in on that specific area is where Adobe Spark is going to help me.

My two favorite things.

Objectives: My main objective for this Adobe Spark assignment is to get my name out there for future employers or future internships. I know I have the skills to back up my resume, I just need to get noticed first.

Strategies: To accomplish these objectives, I need to create an Adobe Spark post that is geared toward professionals I want to impress. I didn’t know what Adobe Spark was before this assignment, so learning the ins-and-outs just by doing this assignment is already helpful. By the end of this semester, I’ll be certified in Hootsuite, know how to use listening tools like Sysomos, and be proficient in creating content with platforms like Adobe Spark. Spark posts are quick little post I can make that showcase my talent for graphics, and Spark pages are an interactive way to talk about myself.

Summary: Adobe Spark is awesome and easy to use, you can access it here: Learning how to use this platform has been so informative to understanding content creation.

The tool available on Adobe Spark.

Contact me: And if you’d like to learn more about me you can follow me on Twitter @steph_fraley or see my photography skills on Instagram @steph_fraley

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