Gas Pump Safety

Have you ever heard of someone's car catching on fire because of static electricity while they were getting gas?

Start at about 1:10 (also mobile phones have been proven to not be a problem.)

Don't worry because it's easy to keep that from happening to you.

The static electricity gathered from car seats is usually negated in the process of paying for gas and opening the gas cap. However, static electricity can still spark a gas fire if you're not careful.

Fortunately static fires are easily preventable.

To prevent a static fire, you should remain outside of your car while fueling the vehicle and if you do return to the vehicle you need to touch something metal before interacting with gas again.

How to Safely Fill Up a Portable Gas Tank

Gas tends to have an electric charge, therefore if you fill up a metal gas can in the plastic bed of a pick up truck or just a plastic gas can the charge is insulated by the plastic and the metal of either the gas can or the nozzle may spark a fire.

Here are some tips to prevent a fire while filling up a portable gas can:

  1. Don't fill the container while it is inside of the car.
  2. Place the container on the ground away from traffic and other customers.
  3. Touch the nozzle to the container before pumping gas to provide a pathway for possible static electricity.
  4. Keep the nozzle in contact with the container while filling it up.
  5. Don't smoke (obvious, but still).
  6. Tie containers in place for transportation.

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