Electric Vehicles Electric cars are efficient, better and good for our environment.


Renewable: Is when something is capable of being renewed like the water, wind or the sun.

Green Energy: Is energy that comes from natural sources like the sun, wind, rain, and plants.

Environmental: Is the natural world and the impact of people activity on its condition.

Pollution: Is a thing that has harmful poisonous effects.

Radiator: Is something that emits light, heat, or sound.

Altruistic: I when someone is showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Why electric cars are not good for the environment?

Electric cars produce pollution by their battery, but this is not the only problem, they also not good for some countries that their energy are not clean. Electric car are worse for the environment than gas-powered cars in the Midwest, mostly because of the Midwest’s reliance on coal for electricity(Sabi). There are many countries where their energy not come from renewable resources, and is were electric cars are not to good in does areas . For example, electric cars don’t produce pollution when their in the road, but when we charge it the energy has to come from somewhere, and the somewhere has to come from co2. “The battery of electric cars produce co2 and when they charge the battery of the car the electricity comes from CO2 making produce more pollution(Are electric Cars Actually Better For The Environment).” If we want the benefits of electric cars, we need to move toward green energy to have more benefits, this will become more efficient for us and our environment.

What are the benefits of buying an electric car?

Electric cars are good for us because they don’t produce too much pollution, buying an electric car can help us solve global warming and have a better environment. Electric vehicles emit about 100g of CO2/km, based on this, electric cars currently emit about a third less carbon than small conventional cars. Electric cars are better because they produce less pollution(Rowley). An example of this is that new small cars in 2009 where about 130gCO2/km, producing the fuel typically adds another 10% to 18% on top, bringing the total for new small cars in 2009 to 145-155g CO2/km. According to The Washington Times,”Electric cars make liberals feel good, and nothing shows off sensitive concern for the environment like a little car without a tailpipe.” The benefits of an electric car is that help us not to create more pollution than we usually do, we need to use more electric cars because they are better for the environment than regular cars.

Why is better to have an electric car?

Electric car's are more better and efficient when the energy comes from renewables resources, this help more not to produce many pollution in cities where their energy don’t come renewable resources(or green energy). In some EU countries their energy comes from renewables energy, this make electric cars significantly cleaner(Rowley Sylvia). Green energy make more efficient to have electric cars, because are more cleaner than having regular cars. An example of this is that in Austria 70% of their energy comes from renewable energy, making electric car's more cleaner. “We need to have clean energy like the country of Paraguay, to have more benefits of electric cars(DNews).” Having clean energy would not only help our environment it will help electric cars not to produce too much pollution, but many people don’t want to use electric car's because of the shortcoming they have found.

What are the defects in some electric cars?

Some electric cars had burn when they ran over rock and also explode when they are exposure to water, but those are not the only defects found in electric vehicles, they produce pollution before they can take the road. Electric cars are hot, but not necessarily in a good way, the Tesla Model S, ran over a rock in the road in Seattle early this month and burst into flames(Electric cars are hot?). Electric cars need to be repaired before they officially leave the market and cause inconvenience to buyers. An example of this is that the electric Fisker Karma exploded on exposure on water, the Tesla Model S is not the only electric car that has burn. “Electric cars produce pollution before they can take the road (DNews).” The companies that create electric cars need to do them better and this will be by moving toward green energy.

Why we need clean energy for this types of car's?

We need clean energy for type of cars, because electric cars emit pollution too and if the energy comes from coal, global warming will become more dangerous, but if we use green energy pollution will reduces more helping the environment. ”We need to have clean energy to have the benefits of electric car's(DNews).“ The benefits of an electric car are that they don’t produce much pollution then regulars ones. An example of this is that electric vehicles emit about 100g of CO2/km, if we look only at the three smallest categories of conventional car, average exhaust pipe emissions from new car's in 2009 where about 130G CO2/km. “in other EU countries such as Austria which has more than 70% renewable energy, electric car's are significantly cleaner(Worland).” Using clean energy electric cars are more cleaner too, this make electric cars more efficient and better for the environment.

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