December 2019

Volume 4, Number 9

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Photography is all about secrets. The secrets we all have and will never tell―Kim Edwards

and that's the way it was...

Jeffry Booher

I wanted to take a few moments and talk about the Year End Competition. It is a tremendous amount of work and we build up to it the whole year. For most of the year, it is a lot of hurry up and wait. November through January, though, it's just hurry up....

These are my final writings as president

Throughout this newsletter you will find a lot of references to things that are coming up and most of it is Year End Competition related. I want to highlight the things in this newsletter up front so you get an opportunity to participate.

  1. Year end Entry Form. You will find a button which takes you to our Website where you can enter our Year End Competition online. If you have questions then please email us. Use the Entry button below to enter.
  2. This year we are offering a cash prize to one winner. Entry into the competition is free so you have nothing to lose and prize money to win!
  3. We need volunteers to run the competition and volunteers to help clean the building. Signup below.
  4. The year end banquet is at the Bali Hai. You can use the RSVP button to download and complete the form then bring it along with your money to an upcoming meeting.
  5. Peer nominations are up! Nominate your friend(s) for an achievement award. Follow the Nominate button below.
  6. We are now taking 2020 membership applications. You can fillin the application online, print and bring it to a meeting along with your membership dues.
  7. The quarterly competition will feature a slideshow with some music and a Taco Bar potluck. Signup to bring a dish below.

● ● ●

time's up

Welp this is it for me. This is my final address. I have complete confidence that Angela will be a great leader for the club but I am a little wistful now that my ride is over...

Over the past four years I have worked to make significant changes to the club. Lifelong changes. Together we made a difference and I am thankful you let me lead the club to help make Darkroomers the club it is today.

The things we have accomplished over the past four years are innumerable but some of the highlights include:

  • Developed the Proxy application method of voting which was essential for us to rewrite the club's governing documents
  • Rewrote the club's governing documents
  • Moved the club to establish a working budget
  • Prototyped the block system for hanging photographs which saved the club hundreds of dollars each year
  • Brought back our Quarterly Competition
  • Rebuilt the club's Website
  • Designed a new, modern Logo
  • Redefined the club's Electoral process
  • Designed the Badges

I'm extremely proud of the things this club has accomplished. It is undeniable that, together, we have reshaped this club into a modern experience. Those of you who were here before me know that Darkroomers is a modern, thriving club. We are the gold standard for photography clubs and it would not be possible without you.

Thank you

● ● ●


La Jolla Sunset by Rich Strobel

If you haven't been to a meeting in a while (and based on the attendance, you haven't), then you may not have heard all the hype about Darkroomers annual Year End Competition. The Year End Competition takes place on the second Saturday in January and is juried by a panel of 3 judges―much like the San Diego County Fair's Exhibition of Photography. There are several categories in which to enter and compete for awards and mentions.

One image will also be chosen, Best in Show, which will hang in the Grand Foyer Gallery next year. That photo will also go on to compete for the Nelson Award which is a prestigious award and each SCACC member club's Image of the Year is eligible to compete.

This year will be awarding one image a Sponsorship Award which will garner a cash prize. This is a Darkroomers first and the prize will be awarded during our Awards Ceremony in January. This is a great opportunity for you to get cash value from the club but, more importantly, it's a great reason to come to our annual Awards Ceremony!

Darkroomer's Year End competition dates back to the 1930's and was a contributing event to the Scott Watson annual salon, which eventually became what is now known as the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair.

All entries must have been submitted to and accepted in a Darkroomers monthly exhibition in 2019 to be eligible for entry. See the complete rules for details.

Year End Competition entries are submitted to our website. Just fill in a few fields and upload the image you want to enter and hit submit. You may want to use a browser like Google Chrome which stores some of the redundant information so it can auto-fill your information for you.

Once you complete the submission process for each image, you will be taken to a confirmation page and you will receive a confirmation email.

Confirmation emails may take several hours to arrive but you can always download the submission receipt PDF immediately which will have the information confirming your submission

If you need assistance, send an email to submissions@darkroomers.com. Please attach a copy of your submission PDF or include the Submission ID in the body of the message so that we can easily locate your submission in the submission database.

entry guidelines

Your image submission must be a full-resolution, high-quality JPEG―following the same entry guidelines that are used for the monthly Interclub Competition. If your image is chosen for Best in Show, it will compete for the Nelson Award―which takes place at the SCACC Interclub End of Year Competition in March. We use a lower-resolution and/or watermarked version of your electronic submission on our website, in our newsletter, and on social media, to honor you if you win.

Your submission may also qualify for entry into some PSA competitions so it is critical that you send us the highest quality JPEG.

Do not put frames, borders, logos, signatures, or watermarks on your electronic submissions

print submission guidelines

Because of the holiday schedule, we are canceling the December exhibition and using the third-Wednesday in December as Print Submit Night. This would normally happen at the first-Wednesday in January but that falls on New Years' Day and we didn't want to disturb your peace. We will have an alternate date for you to bring in your prints but we recommend that you bring them to the December 18th meeting. The year end competition has a formal submission process much like the process at the fair so be prepared to receive stickers for your prints to attach to the back of your images.

All prints must be mounted on sturdy backings

Many of you have learned the hard way that on Print Submission night, you must have sturdy backings on your prints. A lot of folks try to save money by not using back boards for their prints during monthly exhibitions. That will not work for the End of Year Competition.

You must have a backing board or your print will not be accepted

In the interest of presenting your best work and getting the highest possible score, take this opportunity to reprint and remat your photos on clean mountings. We encourage you to work the judges' feedback into your reworks as to get the best possible score (see complete rules for details) .

The club has a higher standard for the prints it allows into the Year End Competition so we will be enforcing the rules as they are written. This is a more stringent policy than the lackadaisical enforcement we employ for the monthly exhibition.

Follow the entry guidelines the San Diego Fair uses

Here are a few key points to follow:

  • All Prints Must have Sturdy Backboards. No Exceptions.
  • All Prints Must bear a Darkroomers Accept Sticker. See complete rules for details.
  • Anything that can scratch another image is not allowed: (No Metal Photos, No Acrylic or Wood Mounted Photos, No Framed Photos)
  • All mountings (including velcro tabs or velcro dots) must be removed or otherwise voided prior to print submission.
  • Backings and mats must be securely attached. Images which do not hold up or otherwise fall apart during competition will be disqualified.
  • You must submit your prints in person on the date specified.

Even though you must submit your prints in person, you are still allowed to make arrangements with someone else who can submit prints on your behalf. You cannot just leave them in the building or leave them with the Board of Directors to enter for you. If you make arrangements for someone to enter your images on your behalf then you may have an image which may be disqualified if we cannot resolve a complication.

If you plan to make changes to your images based on judges' feedback from the program year then you should wait until you have finished making your changes before entering electronically. Your entry may be disqualified if the print does not match the JPEG that was uploaded.

If you have prints hanging in the gallery that you plan to enter into the competition, you can let them hang until print submission. Any print hanging that is not going in to competition or will be reprinted can continue to hang until January 11th.

● ● ●

alternate date

If you are unable to make the December 18th print submission date then you will be able to stop by and drop off your prints on December 28 from 9a-Noon. No other dates will be offered so if that date does not work for you then you need to find someone to handle print submission on your behalf.

● ● ●


You may enter up to 10 images in any of the following 13 categories.

  • Monochrome: Animals & People Monochrome images depicting wildlife, pets, reptiles, amphibians, or people.
  • Monochrome Monochrome images that do not fit in any other monochrome category
  • Color: Animals Color images depicting wildlife, pets, reptiles, amphibians, etc...
  • Color: People Color images depicting people as the primary subject.
  • Birds and Bees Wildlife photography with a special interest in birds or bees.
  • Architecture & Cityscapes Architecture, buildings, interior shoots, urban decay, etc...
  • Street Scenes Photojournalism or street photography; images which convey a strong story with emotional impact
  • Action & Sports Sports photography
  • Landscapes Images depicting vast open spaces
  • Waterscapes Images depicting a water scene
  • Night Photography Night scenes, Milky way, star trails, etc...
  • Still Life & Abstracts Still life, abstracts, macro/insects
  • Other Images which do not fall into any other category (composites, digital illustration, etc…)


At the November 20th Meeting, the membership adopted a resolution which codifies how slow categories are folding into the competition.

● ● ●

Any category, except Other, which does not receive a minimum of 6 entries will be eliminated from the competition. Entries from those categories which were eliminated from competition will be folded into the Other category. If the Other category does not receive a minimum of 6 entries, the category will be eliminated from competition and members with entries in the Other category will be afforded the opportunity to re-enter such images into a different category.

● ● ●

entry process

To start the entry process click the button below to go to the entry form. You will upload one image at a time for competition.

● ● ●

join the crew

Once again we are going to run with a small crew to run the Year End Competition event. We did well with a smaller crew last year but we still need a full complement of Darkroomers to come clean the building beforehand.

  • 2 Curators (the guys that wear the white gloves to show the work); also known as Print Handlers
  • 1 Referee - someone who oversees the event and challenges any discrepancies with the scoring
  • 1 Scoring Assistant - the scoring assistant helps keep the prints sorted by score during the event


  • 9A Cleaning Crew Arrives to clean the building. Donuts and Coffee are provided. Also the requisite Presidential cleaning of the toilets. Welcome aboard Angela!
  • 11A Competition Staff Briefing
  • 12P Welcome reception for judges. Drinks and a lunch platter is provided for the crew and judges
  • 12:30P Judges' Briefing
  • 1-4P Competition

● ● ●


Ellyn Norris, Suzanne Hansen, and TBD

Ellyn norris

Ellyn Norris is a Canadian photographer/educator and resides in San Diego, California. "Elle" has traveled the world extensively to photograph her experiences within different landscapes and cultures. She is drawn to capturing people who have been shaped and influenced by their natural environments. Certain places have resonated with her enough to return to continue her experiences and photography. Iceland has especially captured her heart so spending time there each year has become a perfect balance to her life in Southern California.

Ellyn also gravitates towards Nepal, through its people, culture and nature. She uses her photography to aid the Bo M Karlsson Foundation in Kathmandu, a charity that provides scholarships to Nepalese women, where less than 3% are able to complete high school. Ellyn recently took on location portraits of the scholarship recipients. In 2017, Ellyn became one of the foundation's "artistes", and created a gallery on her website that directs the photo profits to the scholarship fund. Both initiatives contribute to the charity's funds.

Suzanne Hansen Ofeldt

For more than ten years, Suzanne has wandered the globe to capture the spirit of people through engaging portrait, wedding and travel photography. She is a lifelong student of sociology and graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. By combining people with her passion for travel and photography, Suzanne delivers more natural, personal and always engaging images. Through the eye of her lens, she has captured the people who color her life’s work. Through her own eyes, she sees the personalities and landscapes that fill her life with love and laughter.

By combining people with her passion for travel and photography, Suzanne delivers more natural, personal and always engaging images. Suzanne started her own boutique agency, She Wanders, so that people would not have to sacrifice peace of mind when preparing for their wedding or special event.


Hold for judge photo from David Poplawski

● ● ●

key dates

  • November 23rd ―Call for Entries
  • December 13th―Last Day to Enter; Entries Close at 11:59P PST
  • December 18th―Print Submissions 7P
  • December 28th―Print Submissions 9A
  • December 31st―All Entries are Final
  • January 11th―Year End Competition at 1P
  • January 22nd―Year End Banquet 6P

● ● ●

quarterly update

Tea Party by Jeff Booher

Still Life is the theme for the final quarter of our Quarterly Themed competitions this year. This year our final quarterly competition will feature a slideshow and a potluck so we can laugh and reminisce about the past year. We will reflect on the year at our December 4th meeting and the competition starts at 7P so we ask that you get to the meeting early as we start reflecting promptly at 7P... Those who are entering must be arrive no later than 6:45P.

This year we are having a pot luck and the theme is Taco Bar

Winning photos from this quarter's competition will hang in the Grand Foyer Gallery for the month of December. Merry Xmas!

Please signup to bring a dish for the potluck. The theme is Taco Bar and we need things like lettuce, cheese, and the like... So chip in and bring a dish!

● ● ●


Angela Andrieux

Welcome Angela Andrieux who takes over as President after the December 18th meeting. She has a long history with Darkroomers so we are all confident she will be a great president! While her official start date will be in January, she has already gotten a head start on all the club's documents and procedures that have amassed since she was last a Darkroomer. Please be kind to her and help wherever you can. At this point she is probably feeling overwhelmed. Who wouldn't be? Darkroomers has more moving parts, more bells and whistles, more gears and levers, and more points for failure than any other club. It also has a much smaller core group of members with tribal knowledge of how the club functions. So she will need you to help out by volunteering for the little things that help make this club one of the greatest clubs around!

● ● ●

The club has started accepting membership applications for the 2020 membership year. You will be able to join at the next meetings. Please note there is no January 1st meeting. There are no changes to the membership model, although the club did agree to refund a portion of the dues for officers at the end of the 2020 membership year.

● ● ●

achieving greatness

It is time to nominate each other for the achievements we have made. Each year we send out a nomination form so you can nominate your club mates for various awards. Please click the button below to nominate your fellow club mates. The awards are presented at our annual awards banquet.

● ● ●


Tiki Time

It's Tiki Time as the 2019 Darkroomers Awards Ceremony and Banquet heads to the Tiki Room at the Bali Hai restaurant on Shelter Island. The Tiki room is conveniently located adjacent to the bar so, if you like mai tai's, then you are in for a real treat as the Bali Hai cocktail menu lists 21 tropical cocktails, plus 5 Coladas or Daiquiris... They also feature over 40 different rums from around the world (well mostly from the Caribbean) and 5 frozen cocktails... One of their concoctions has a 2 drink maximum while another comes in a collector's mug to help you remember the event for many years. Maybe...

We expect this year's event to be a little different than in year's past...

This year's event may have more liquor than in previous year's but it will still be a lovely awards ceremony. Don't forget about the coveted Darkroomers door-prizes. Everyone's a winner at the Darkroomers Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony. In previous years we gave away over $1500 in door prizes. It is truly an event not to be missed!

We cannot take online submissions for your RSVP but you can fill in the form online, print it, and bring it along with the money to the next club meeting. The January 20th meeting will be the last day you can RSVP. Please be advised that may need to turn folks away this year as the Tiki room can only accommodate about 30 people so get your RSVP in early. This year a single RSVP is $45. If you want to bring a guest please bring $90.

The banquet is a good time to celebrate with friends and have a few laughs

● ● ●

interclub news

October/November Winners

Darkroomers brought home 3 ribbons from the final interclub competition of the year. We started out the year in first place but slid into 2nd soon thereafter. It was a close race for most of the year but we got smoked in the final round and finished out the year in last place.

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