Good Life Tour of the Harn By Keina Aoita

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Art and Core Values

This Bodhisattva is a Buddhist saint and savior that was in the Korean art section of the museum. This Bodhisattva related to my core values through its hands. The right hand displayed in an abhaya mudra which is a gesture of fearlessness and left hand as varada mudra, a gift-bestowing gesture. The Bodhisattva expresses one of my core values which is to be fearless no matter the situation at hand and meanwhile be kind and willing to help those in need.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This Vessel in particular caught my attention because of the amount of details that was put into the stoneware. The small dots and circles were meticulous and was shaped in a perfect circle. Was this done by hand? I do not know but that would be very impressive if it was. The vessel was shaped as a cone, standing on it's wider side of the cone. The cone reminded me of Siddhartha and the river because of the white and dark circles that were carved onto the stoneware. The circles were blending with each other, showing unity similar to the river. The circles existed at the same time as each other and leaving an impression on the cone.

Design of the Museum

As I made my way through the museum, there was this wooden entrance before a certain section. The entrance was mostly wooden in a color of chestnut that was surrounded by wooden cases holding small works of art. The warm glow emitting from the wooden section caught my attention since I am very passionate with wooden design. In addition to the wood, they accentuated it further with white paint on the walls and white pedestals. The lighting was bright but soft enough to bask the area with radiant light. It reminded me of home.

Art and the Good Life

One of my favorite sculptures that I found in the museum was the Dancing Ganesh. This sculpture design originated in India all the way back in the 13th Century. Made of black stone, this sculpture presents the divinity of Hinduism. This representation of a friendly god presents itself as a problem solver and a jolly god. The sculpture is commonly found in any event for future blessings and the entrance of a Hindu sanctuary. The Dancing Ganesh relates to my Good Life in certain ways. For example the mouse at his feet presents the cunning of the god by finding the way through any problem. Seeking a good life is not an easy task and one will always run into a problem. But this sculpture can give his blessing onto someone to push through and at the same time, be jolly and happy. The sculpture presents happiness just from the way the sculpture appears dancing. Being happy is one of the main values in a good life. Taking a glance of this sculpture will always bring joy to the eyes.

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