Ostium Piscis Known as Venom Fish

The Ostium Piscis

The Ostium Piscis directly translates the name into Venom Fish. The origin of the name comes from Latin. You could find a Venom Fish having the time of it's life in the water, since it is a fish and only a fish.

Where Can I Find One Of Those?

The Venom fish can be found around the coast of Australia, specifically The Great Barrier Reef. They remain there throughout the year, just swimming along near it's home. The Zones that these beautiful, but yet deadly, creatures could be found are in the Pelagic Zone, near the Shelf Zone, the Epipelagic Zone, along with the Mesopelagic zone and the Photic zone. Abiotic factors that reside in the zone that they swim in our rocks, sand, and the shells of dead shellfish. They would suffer if they decided to go into any deeper zones, due to the fact that they are brightly color and slightly bigger than most creatures that reside in the depths of the ocean. They are aggressive fish and mighty fast. Thanks to the three tails, they can swim wherever their hearts desires. Their bright colors, that are identical on any other Ostium Piscis, let other species that they are poisonous.


A Venom Fish is roughly around the size of a foot, a very thin, narrow foot that has a trill on the back of it's neck. The trill on the back of it's neck erects upwards as a defense mechanism. If worse comes to worst, the Venom Fish will eject it's venom out of it's neck and into the general area of three feet. Anything that breathes in the water will die and the Venom Fish will have a feast. The Venom Fish swims throughout coral reefs, blending in well with the colorful coral. The Venom Fish eats whatever is in it's path, specifically fish or shellfish. It will never go anything above it's size, unless it was a duel. The Venom Fish enjoy eating conchs, or any fish with a shell. The shell is a best friend to a Venom Fish, as they show it off to a lady Venom Fish, hoping they could lay their eggs in the shell together to grow beautiful Venom Fish together.

The color of the Venom Fish are all the same, yellow throughout the whole body, with black dots, however the three tails on the inside of a blue, while the thrill is a red and orange to intimidate predators. Due to them being all colorful, they have an advantage for camouflaging into the reefs nicely.

The Venom Fish is a fish, if you haven't noticed. That being said and identified, they breathe out of a feathery lung system called gills, which are basically blood vessels. Like any other fish, they suck in water, which goes through the gills and dissolves the oxygen into the blood. Speaking of body parts, how are these lovely creatures created? Well, it's the fishes and the fishes type of story. The male fish will win a shell of a conch, with the dead body still inside to show off to the lady Venom Fish. If the lady Venom Fish is flattered enough, the two will have fine dining before she places her eggs into the shell and the male fertilizes it. The male will guard the shell, as the female with hunt for food for the soon to be family. Once the eggs are hatched, the parents will be mates for life.


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