Guide to Reselling: Clothing and Shoes By: Julia Jauregui

Resellers can either be a company or an individual that purchases goods for the purpose of placing it back on the market for a higher value. More consumers only means more demand. Obtaining products, like well-known sneakers and popular clothing brands, is rare, and quite difficult to come by. Resale values grow from $50 to $2,000+, varying in product. With this, it can be hard to understand the entire reselling business, so, here are some ways you can get started.

#1: Know the type of products you want to sell.

First things first, are you looking into reselling streetwear? What about sneakers or collectibles? This is important so you can start researching websites or stores that sell these items for retail.

#2: Do your research.

Photo courtesy: Nike SNKRS

It is vital to do your research on places that supply the products you would want to resell. For example, if you want to resell Jordans, then heading to Foot Locker or the Nike SNKRS app would be good choices as they drop new sneakers daily. It's also good to look on apps that resell those same items (i.e OfferUp, StockX, Depop) and find out how much profit you'd make.

#3: Make a game plan in order to cop the item.

There are millions of other people waiting for a sneaker or clothing drop just like you, especially if the resell value is high. Find out what time the store opens to wait in line or have notifications on that specific site to press "buy" on the item as soon as it releases.

Photo courtesy: Grailed

#4: Remember that it is a game of chance.

Photo courtesy: Supreme New York

It can take a while to cop pieces that are in such high-demand. The reason why some resellers have so many duplicate sneakers or shirts from streetwear brands like Supreme can be due to botting, which is "an automated software designed to autocomplete the checkout process and make multiple purchases using sneaker proxies." Unless you have the funds to purchase a bot yourself, it's all just first come, first serve or in many cases, a lottery.

#5. Resell it.

When you get the chance to cop a sneaker or a high-value clothing piece, it's important to resell it right away while it's still in demand. Take photos of the item from various angles and head to the site you plan to resell the item on. Include key details in the description such as condition of the item, size and of course, the price to prevent any conflicts. Be aware of shipping costs and the form of payout you'd prefer; whether it's a specific card when reselling through a site or if a meet-up, cash.

Photo courtesy: Nike.com