Naming My Dog By Max H

One somber and rainy day in late July, our alarms are set early to get up, drive two hours, and get our new dog. I am super excited to meet him and I wonder, “What are we are going to name him?”

As we drive there, we think about names.

“I think we should name him something manly, or musical.” says my brother Mason.

“Maybe,” I say “Were just definitely not going to call him something like Rainbow”

“Nooo,” my mother says sarcastically

But we just don't know enough about him name him yet, so we decide to wait until we get him.

We get to the spot where the GPS says the shelter is. There is a bunch of buildings that are definitely not shelters. We drive around until we find a small, rundown ugly building that says “Jackson County Animal Shelter” on the front. We wonder how a building like this could be a shelter for the whole county. It is still raining so we hurry inside. When we get inside, a lady greets us and shows us to the small part of the building that holds the dogs.

She shows us to a cage with a big, black and gray dog who is barking loudly.

“Here he is, we call him Gramps, since he is so gray” she says.

She explains to us that he was found on the street with no collar, so they have no idea what his name, his age or previous owner was. They had to look for his previous owner for a certain amount of time before they put him up for adoption, but nobody claimed him, so that is how we heard of him.

While we are there, the lady asks us if we thought we were going to rename him.

“Probably,” we said.

“What are you thinking you’re going to name him?” she asked

We all say different names at the same time. We are still undecided.

It takes a while, but finally we are driving home.

On the way home, while we are stopped at a gas station, my brother says “We should name him Zeppelin” (after the band, "Led Zeppelin")

“We could, but I still like Hendrix” I say. We have been arguing like this for a while, and we have tons of names. Honestly, I just want to choose a name that we have right now.

When my mom gets back, we tell her our new name idea. You can tell she likes it, but she doesn’t show it. She probably has the same opinion about me about all these names.

We are still wondering what to call him when we get home. We have about 7 names that we are still talking about. Names have come and gone. Names have come and gone. We are still undecided!

Later in the day, I hear my mom take our new dog out. When they come back in, my mom sounds like she is calling him different names holding a treat.

“Hendrix! Champ! Ringo! Zeppelin!” she says.

I hear our new dog bark on the fourth name. After a few seconds, my mom calls me and I come upstairs into the kitchen.

“I found out what name he responds to best,” she says “It's Zeppelin!”

Honestly, I think he was just getting impatient and barked for the treat, but I don’t say that. I’m okay with that.

I don't like the name at first, but it eventually grows on me. This was a fun and happy moment for my family, and I will remember it forever.

By: Maxwell W. Higgins

(Update, Zeppelin sadly passed away in 2015)

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